Sunday, 23 September 2018

Soft Mathematical Error

Autum is just lovely in sunshine, crispy air and with a new shawl. Sometimes I wish I was a mathematical wonder who could spent some time calculating sizes on things. But, I just knit and find out afterwards that I miscalculated again.

This shawl is assymetric and I wanted this look with the colors and stripes. I really love this color combination. And the shawl is huge...

It is a very easy and mindless knit in garter stitch. I increase one stitch every other row on the first part and decrease 1 stitch every 4th row on the other. Hence the asymmetry.

I used Rauma Finull together with mohair yarn. I must say, a match made in heaven.

I just love that soft feel with the warmth it gives through autumn and winter.

I am in constant outlook for mohair in the colors I like so I end up with various brands to get the right color.

This time I used BC Garn Kid Mohair in bright turquoise and Mayflower Kid Silk in red.

I used Rauma Plum for the orange. I must say, the BC Garn Kid Mohair is the best mohair yarn I have ever used. I love it - and now it is discontinued. Too bad.

Well, I am very happy with my new shawl. However, asymetric shawls does not drape so well or as easily as I want it to. I may think again: Maybe I should knit another in the ordinary way with both sides of the shawl beeing the same length? A very big question - for a knitter...

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull, BC Garn Kid Mohair, Rauma Plum mohair, Mayflower Kid Silk
Needles: 6mm
My Ravelry Page: Just Easy
Measure: 277 x 70cm
Accessorise: Tassels and crystals

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall
F. Scott Fitzgerald

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