Sunday, 28 September 2014

Woollen Fleas Getting Aired

A little lovely cat walked by when taking the photos.
It is finished and out in the open air. My cardigan in the colors I just love. I do not often use colors in the same scheme but I really found that both interesting and colorful. I never thought these colors could make a bright colored cardigan in this way.

I of course chose some orange fleas and bright orange buttons. That is the playful me getting out there.

I did a cardigan with a cat pattern and that has some of the same color scheme.

I just loved working with colors this way - and now I am bound for new colorful adventures.

Learning about color is really a journey that takes me places I have never been.

Too baggy for my taste - must eat more chocolate...
Now, back to that cardigan. I should have knitted a size smaller.

But I do not like tight woollen garments - they tend to be too warm.

But this one came out at little too big. Actually I can live with the front of it - but the back is way too baggy and uncomfortable.

There should be about 20-30 stitches less on the back than in the front.

I wish I knew how to custom fit a garment - I always end up with too big cardigans.

Well, nothing to get all that unhappy about. I like my new cardigan.

It is a dream to wear, nice and warm and yet not too warm. All I need is something orange for my neck. A small scarf or something. Always a great excuse to knit one more scarf...

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Pt2 and Finull both from Rauma
Needle: 2.5mm
My Ravelry Page: Flea Bites
Pattern: Damejakka Loppa / Flea - a ladies cardigan

Learning about color is really a journey that takes me places I have never been
Flowermouse Design

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tour de Turbo Knitting

Tote: I got a tote made with a personal message on the back (this is the front).
To get hold of Wollmeise lace is as rare as finding gold. I spent a couple of months to find the right color for a friends Viajante. Every friday morning at 8 a few skeins are made available. Mostly not in that orange color I wanted.

But patience pays off. I finally found it. Now, to knit a Viajante is not done in a flash. It takes time - a lot of time. I sat a three weeks deadline for it. And started knitting.

Every day for 13 days I knitted and knitted. I am blessed to have a friend who likes a bright orange. The color itself was a motivation.

So while Tour de France rolled over the screen I knitted and knitted. And suddenly it was finished. I was so proud - I never thought it could be done so quick.

The color is just fantastic and is a juicy as its name, Clementine.

I must add that I have never seen anyone being so happy for a gift ever.

I knew she would be happy - but this really touched my heart. She loved it and have be wearing it so much already.

The moral must be: 
Knit something beautiful for people who will appreciate it - and leave the rest to freeze.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Wollmeise lace, Clementine
Needle: 2mm, 1.75 (for lace part)
My Ravelry Page: Tour de Clementine
Pattern: Viajante

Friday, 19 September 2014

We Have A Winner

A huge thank you for all your birthday wishes and for entering my giveaway. I really enjoyed that.

I used to make the draw and Dorte is the lucky winner. You can meet the danish knitter on her blog. I have known Dorte for over four years and we are following each other here in blog land and on Ravelry. How great that you won, Dorte.

Again thanks to all of you for making my life in blog land such a lovely experience.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Your Ears Are Burning

The giveaway is now closed. Winner is being contacted.

It is my birthday today. A rather high and round number it is. It happens to all of us - if we live long enough. Well, I will not talk about that number but rather about the birds in the photo. They are a part of the celebration. And not only my birthday.

My blog celebrates over 300.000 visitors and I have over 400 followers. To me that is huge numbers considering that I do not blog all the time, do not blog about private things and do not blog unless I have something creative to share.

I love to share my creative life with all of you. I grow by sharing, I learn by sharing and I connect by sharing.

That deserves celebration. So, the birds in the photo are up for a giveaway.

They are made of polymer clay, textured, cured and antiqued with acrylic paint. Also, the findings are all sterling silver this time.

So if you would like to show some colors this winter please leave a comment.

I do not like giveaways where everyone have to do a lot of stunts to even participate. This is free of all that.

Just a comment is enough. The giveaway is open until next friday until 12pm, CET.
The winner will be contacted - please leave email address if you do not have that in your profile. Also very important - winner have 24 hours to reply to my email. Another winner will be drawn if you do not reply within that time.

Ok, good luck and enjoy.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Orange Flea Bites

They are all over the place. Emerging from yarn gliding on a circular needle. Here and there they are having a woollen feast between my hands.

No I am not talking about the fleas crawling around in hair. If the really do that? But about my new knitted cardigan. It is actually called Flea Jacket. The reason is that it is knitted top down and what is called lice are now upside down - and then called fleas.

The colors used in my cardigan.
Finding the colors for this took some time and a bit unraveling. I started out in really bright colors.

And since that looked too much like my colorful jacket I frogged it.

I took all my stash from Finull and Pt2 yarn and started on a new color scheme.

And the knitting of this scarf really helped me finding the right colors to put together.

I really love the outcome of that stash diving. These colors are so perfect together and I added some orange fleas to make them jump a little higher than the rest of them.

I can not wait until this is finished and I can wear it. Sometimes colors just click - and nothing is more satisfying than that.

You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategical 
can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation
Marian Wright Edelman

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull and Pt2
Needle: 2.5mm
Pattern: Flea Jacket by Ann Myhre
My Ravelry Project: Flea Bites

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