My Mice

They were the first thing I ever made in polymer clay. And they will always stand out as something I did by myself. It´s my design and I enjoy everything about them. They are playfull, happy, and quite a strange type of jewelry.

But they make my heart jump. My smile comes out and I can create them any way I like it. I will never stop making them. They mean the world to me. More than words can describe.

When I try a new technique I always make a mice with it. That would be faux glass, faux food, rainbows in clay and many more crazy things.

You can see the most of my speices on my flickr.

Making the mice startet out as a funny earring with a mouse in fimo for a party at work.

I of course had to make a mice pendant as well.

And as the months has gone by I have tried to learn about techniques for making canes and other things. It takes time - but it developes as I go on.

The mice is my own copyright design. The design is registret by The Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

As Walt Disney once said:  
"If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember this whole thing was started by a mouse."