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A real color boost for everyday life. And easy asymmetric scarf with rings. For the best effect use complementary colors and get vibrant and bring out a smile.

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Heartwarming Scarf
I love bright colors. They are the joy to my knitting, and colors to my cheeks on gray days. And why not use colors when there are so many of them?

The idea for this design came after learning to use colors in knitting. I wanted to knit in contrasting colors that harmonize with each other. 

The scarf is inspired by the colors and the joy of creating something unique. Everyone deserves a colorful scarf with hearts on.

This is a free gift to you ♡ 

Downloading the pattern in norwegian or english:
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Lifelines is named after the tiny orange line in the horizon when the sun rises in the morning. 
Lifelines is a color boost on any cold or warm day – and has stripes to love. This simple mindless pattern is fun to knit and it knits up fast. You knit two alternating rows of your favorite colors.
The scarf is knitted in stockinette stitch. It is long and narrow and you can wrap it several times around your neck.
Download this free pattern here. Available in norwegian, english and german.

Dot The I
Two of my favorite patterns comes together in this scarf. Simply yet striking. One half has polka dots, the other half has stripes. When you wear it, you will give the impression of wearing two scarves.
The scarf in the photos is over 2m long. You can simply adjust the length by knitting both halves shorter.
Download this free pattern here. Available in norwegian and english.


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