Monday 4 April 2022

I Can Or Cannot...

From tomatoes to birds. A napkin and a little patience and it is done.
That creative energy has to come out. First I found ideas on Pinterest and then I went for a dive into my craft supply. 

Milk carton and a napkin.
Although I have been cleaning it out for years - there are still a lot left. I think I just have been better in stacking... LOL!!
Those cans containing all sorts of food (and things called food...) is excellent to pour creativity into. 

Not mentioning that I already had the Mod Podge, napkins, scrap book paper and everything else I needed. I actually also made a vase from a milk carton. I found out that using a foam brush is so much better for decoupage than regular brush.

The only trouble was making lids for the tin cans. I actually did not have what it took - surprise... LOL! 

The one lid made was from very thick carton but it didn't end well. It was too hard to cut into and didn't get even. 

But a little paint and not puttin the reading glasses on made it look perfect... 

This is actually not about perfect either. It is all about finding joy in the little things. There are so many of them that the days are getting colored by them. 

From corn to a container with scrapbook paper and a somewhat almost nearly great lid.
I had a lot of fun making them. There is not a lot of knitting going on so the fact that there are something else to be creative about is such a blessing. 

Creativity is like a well never getting dried out. It is all about finding other things to do when the one thing you love is taken away. 

I thank the Lord for all His blessing every day. And as long there are creativity in my there will always be a way to use it. 
A rejoicing heart makes a praising tongue
Charles Spurgeon
Tin cans and scrap from a newspaper from Japan. Would be fun to know what is says...

Sunday 16 January 2022

Hitting The Pause Button

I got this puzzle for my birthday from a friend. It has 1.000 pieces and was a great challenge. There is some magic in adding the last one and see the whole image unfolded as it has been put together piece by piece. 

I never thought puzzles were something I would enjoy. But after I puzzled a cat I had to do another. And then another. And now one with buttons. 

I am blessed to be able to do something I find meaningful. I still miss my knitting - but the world didn't come to an end as I thought it would.

As my knitting has gone AWOL something took it´s place for a while. The puzzle sent me stash diving for buttons in various colors and shapes. 

And I found out that I could use them for other things than stitch markers. 

I made a bunch of them earlier and you can see some of the here.

First I made Christmas trees - yes, not crazy. Or something like that... LOL! Simply had to give it a go. I used thread that is normally used to repair fishing nets. 

Simply because it is the strongest thread for everything that need to be tightened hard. I use that for pom poms as well.

They are great ornaments or for adding to presents when that time come again.

Jewelry is always fun to make so I made a couple of pendants from buttons as well. For those I used 22 gauge wires I had in my stash. Looks like I can start a shop with all those things... Anyway - it was a blessing to make something. To use my creative energy. Even though it was a puzzle and some scrap buttons.
It is not always easy to give thanks when life gives us trials. But that is life here on earth - it will always give us tribulation. I have learned that giving thanks and learn to see all the wonders around me have made me more content and thankful. Even the smallest button gave me joy these past days. And even in the darkest of days there are always a spot of light. The darkness will never ever win.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication 
with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
Philippians 4:6

Sunday 19 December 2021

Throwback Scarf And Celebration


This year my advent candles are homemade. We had some snow - it is gone now. But made a great frame.

As we celebrate Christmas and that the light has overcome darkness forever I will wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

I know, a lot of people can't see happiness right now - but there is always light even in the midst of darkness. I hope that you will have blessed days where you are.

I am not much of a knitter these days. I am unsure if I am ever able to knit again. But that does not mean life is over - the first few days it felt like it... LOL! 

Things never turn out the way we want and it is more like how we handle it when it doesn't. I have decided to wait and see - my shoulders could recover. Or they may not. 

The really amazing thing is that I appreciate every single stitch I have knitted through the years. Even more than when I could just knit what I wanted. 

All the scarves and shawls. All the sweaters I can use this winter. I have been blessed and the blessings continue every time I wear my colorful stitches. 

I found one of the scarves knitted in 2013 on 2mm circular needles in 30cm length. 

I can't imagine I actually did that. I used it again and I felt to lucky to have been able to knit it. So much fun. The pattern is from a mittens chart. If you would like to know more you can find my Fiddlehead scarf here.

Getting outside is always lovely with the fresh air and the sun. A little trip to Tjøm was such a joy. Let me show you how it looked in the sun that is really low right now.

It was so quiet and there were only us there. The sound of the small waves was soothing and the air was so fresh. So happy I was able to get this experience. 

The Fiddlehead scarf got a swing in the wind. After all the pattern is called that for a reason. The designer Adrian Bizilla has named it after furled funds of a young fern. They are used as vegetables apparently.

I leave you with another photo from where the waves rolls in and the sun is shining. Don't let the world tell you there are no light. I wish you well and a blessed Christmas.

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it
John 1:5

Thursday 11 November 2021

Creation And Wool

What a sight: This is right outside a rented house in Sirevåg. Isn't it just wonderful?

Creation is beyond what I can imagine. The most wonderful creatures, all the growing plants, the sky, the sea and human beings. It is not easy to comprehend how wonderful and perfect every thing is created. 

And often we just pass by. We don't see what is right before our eyes. 

We live in the past, the future or just in dream about how everything should be. 

There is so much beauty, so much to wonder about that we should be amazed every single moment. 

When I was on a holiday this summer in Jæren south west in Norway there were those wonderful sights of the sky and the rainbows. 

And to combine it with a bit of soft wool, knitting needles and a good cup of coffee life was perfect. As perfect it can be in this crazy world.

I have knitted a scarf from the ever lasting pattern Horizon - a suitable name for what you see in the photos. I used some Kauni lace and a soft turquoise mohair. And it is so soft and light. 

I have these pom pom makers from Clover and they are simply essential for pom pom making (no sponsing). I couldn't do without them. Using cardboard is never going to happen again. Making pom poms from lace yarn would have taken from now until forever. Or something like that... LOL!

I remember my holiday with joy. I remember the wonderful people I met. I remember the rainbow, the sunset every evening, the flowers and the deer that past just outside our window. There are so many things about that holiday I will treasure. 

I will leave you with a photo from the sunset. And remember: Those tiny things you see every day in creation is for you to enjoy. 

This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature 
that is with you, for all future generations: I have set my bow in the clouds, 
and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.
Genesis 9:13

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Kauni lace, Permin Angel mohair
Needles: 3mm
Pattern: Horizon
My Ravelry Page: Hint Of The Sky

Thursday 8 July 2021

Nothing Like Wool For The Summer

Not a lot of sun or warm weather. We are using umbrellas, rubber boots and looking long and far for a bit of sunshine. But I am not complaining. Oh, I think I just did... LOL! Please sent a bit of summer. Please!!!

Now, this is what I call a perfect summer for using a woolly sweater. I simply fell for the pattern from Sandnes called Mogen. Thick yarn, big needles and a fairly quick knit. 
Showing off at a beach in Mandal.
Only thing is that raglan in this kind of sweater is a heavy thing on the needles. Not good for my shoulders. 
But raglan is my preferred bind off. It suits me the best and is excellent under a jacket. In this case an rain coat...

I really love the colors of it. The pattern had a photo of an oversized sweater but no mentioning of how to get that. 
I would have knitted it a couples of sizes bigger. And I actually did. A new one in red - coming to a blog post near you very soon. Need to get out in between the rain showers.

I used the yarn from the pattern. It is called Fritidsgarn. It has a very lovely feeling to it. Warm and soft after a turn in the washing machine. And it is a nice feeling using a sweater I knitted.
It is always a big thing to be so blessed that I can still do that. Although I had to let a lot of creative activity go the past years - I am even more grateful for the things I can actually do. Sometimes less really is more.

So, while I wait for the sun I can keep warm. Not bad at all. I wish for you that your summer is sunny and bright. And the brightest of days may not even have sun in them. It can be a small act of kindness from a stranger, a telephone call from a friend or simply be happy about what is life right now.

A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed
Henrik Ibsen
The Stitch Story
Yarn: Sandnes Fritidsgarn
Needle: 5.5mm, 6mm
Pattern: Mogen by Sandnes
My Ravelry Page: Dreaming of the sea  
No, this is not my boat. Nor do I intend to go sailing... I love the sea, but there are limits. LOL!

Sunday 6 June 2021

So Lucky Am I

I am so blessed. I have received gifts from Viola. I was so surprised getting cards and handmade gifts from her. We have been following each others blogs for a while. She brings so much light and joy into blog world. And she have the nicest words when she comments. I am so happy to have found her online in this dark world.

So the first gift was a little purse which I can open all up. And those colors - they are just what I love. And Viola knows that. How thoughtful. There were also two handwritten cards with images from where she lives - what a treasure these days.  

A few days ago I got another gift. She makes purses from chocolate wraps. Is that not amazing - before creating you can eat the chocolate. I simply have to learn sewing. LOL! The gift also hold a handwritten card with an image from really old paperclip and that beautiful colored thread around it.
That little purse is so delicate made. It even has a fabric inside with meerkats on. I think these small creatures are adorable. Viola did not know that - and that made a really lovely surprise.
You should visit Viola on her blog. See her photos from the nature where she lives and all the fun projects she creates. Thank you dear sweet Viola - you made my days and gave me hope. 

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, 
which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied with love
L. O. Baird

Monday 10 May 2021

Should I Get Help?


Or should I knit another one? That is really a big question. LOL!!

One 3mm and one 9mm needle.

This is number 19 from the same pattern. Yes, I have knitted 19 shawls of them. That may qualify as something out of order. At least in my head. 

But nothing is so bad knitting will not cure it. Well, most of it anyway. Enough babbling. 

So when I knit the shawl I use an interchangeable cable where I add one 3mm needle in one end and a 9mm needle in the other end. 
The pattern is simply rib knit with one purl stitch and one knit stitch through the back loop.  

That creates the structure. Cool, isn't it? No wonder I have knitted so many. I should go for at least one more. 20 is such an even number. 

 The pattern is a free German one. I read German but I struggled a great deal with translating it to English. 

Google translator is not quite reliable for knitting patterns yet... But I found out in the end. And I was ecstatic when I saw the stitch pattern.

Right now I am knitting another sweater. I also finished a sweater - I will show it to you soon. In the meantime I can think of a new color for a new shawl... 

Enjoy creating no matter what it is. It soothes in these times.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull Pt2, Mayflower Kid Silk
Needle: Interchangeable cable with 3mm and 9mm needles
Pattern: Geschickt Geschickt
My Ravelry Page: Number Nineteen 
 You are not crazy. You are a knitter. There is a cure for crazy.