My mice design formed this rainbow necklace.
I have been creative all my life. Knitting, painting and shaping things in clay is some of the things. When I rediscover polymer clay in 2009 it took off.

I spent a couple of years to learn all those little things about working with the medium. I do not create that much now - only for private use when I need something colorful for a scarf or an outfit.

Polymer clay bracelets.
The knitting has taken most of my creative time since I joined Ravelry and then a local knitting cafe.

That took off late in 2012. I have had a knitting exhibition locally and I give lectures in using colors in knitting. I keep it on a low scale.

I love to share my creations with you and simply keep track of what I do.

To be creative is like being on a endless journey that never gets boring.

My main inspiration are bright colors, out of the box designs and most importantly to brake up some of that extreme conformity we live under in Norway.

We dress alike (mostly in gray), we have the same things, the same opinions etc. I believe that creativity is making an opposite to that.

An ordinary free pattern - I chose complementary colors for it.
I call my blog and my concept Flowermouse Design. The name is related to the mice I created in polymer clay.

I have worked hard for my freedom to create as I like, use the colors that suits me and to dare using them. That is part of what I show through sharing creativity.

My knitting designs crave for colors. I like to share, give and encourage to create what you like. Life is simply too short to only wear, think, do and live like every else.

30 colors used in my scarf design Lifelines.
Thank you for visiting my blog. That means so much to me.

I hope you find your voice and use it, so that everyone can see that you are you.

Please leave a comment if you want.

The mice is my own copyright design. The design is registret by The Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

Check out my Flickr photostream to see more of my my work.

You can also find my knitting on Ravelry.

And remember: Find your colors and enjoy every one of them.

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth
John F. Kennedy

Polymer clay chrysalis with a blessing inside.