Friday, 26 December 2014

Still Gifted

Two cowls from the pattern Millwater knitted in Puno alpaca for good friends.
Not a whole lot of gift knitting this christmas. But there have been some of them. Two cowls for a couple of friends in the soft Puno yarn from Rauma. They are so nice to knit and I think they will be nice to wear as well. And yes, the purple one is obviously knitted a bit looser than the orange one...

Newly born twins needed tiny hats to keep them warm.

Two really small hats for twins born before christmas. Knitted them from the pattern of Lene Holme Samsøe. In my opinion these are so beautiful with those fake cables on them. And she has so many sizes to choose from. The mother was so happy about them. Knitted very tight to fit small heads.

A local pattern from the town I live in - Mandalsvotten. These mittens have only ladies size but they are knitted with the patterns recommended needles and therefore they will fit my husband as I knit very loose. 

That is about that - merry christmas!!!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Take A Big Yawn

Uaaaa, is it summer yet?

I have been polishing silver for days. I have baked enough kakes for a whole army. I have cleaned the house every day and it is filled with matching christmas things. Everything shines like stars - and I have put on my fake nails and my designer dress. And over 100 presents are wrapped in the finest paper. Oh yeah, it is finally the best online Facebook christmas ever...

Am I pulling your leg? Yes, I am. Sosial media is about to burst from all the perfect christmases and every year it makes me wonder: Where is that super woman everyone is trying to be? All I see is worn out women trying to keep it together through all the demands made by society and them selves.

So, I try to avoid all those cake, silver, christmas tree ornaments and "see my perfect" christmas online sharing. I will rather share a photo taken of my cat in a big yawn. He seems rather angry, but he is just watching out for other cats trying to take his territory.

I am no super woman. I do not have a perfect christmas. I do not know anyone who has. Christmas contains all human feelings - and a big yawn is is a way to get some air into it all. Do you feel the urge to make a big yawn?

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Cowl Girl

One should be a cow girl riding in a wide landscape and camping by a bonfire. At least that looks really nice on movies. But dreaming is free...

Anyway, this is not about horse riding or bonfires. This is my recently discovered cowl pattern. I knitted one as a gift - and suddenly there were two more finished.

One in a soft Malabrigo worsted and one in my Riga yarn. Totally different outcome.

Thats what I love about knitting. Yarn is not just yarn - it makes a garment and shape it in its own way.

Cowls are decorative and always makes a statement. I have not knitted so many of them as I think they tend to be more decorative than warm around the neck.

I freeze wery easyli so scarves are the best since I can get them really tight into my neck.

But these cowls are double and that makes them better. I keep warm in them. And the best of all is the fairly easy pattern with a great outcome. The cable on it is so decorative.

You will not see me riding in that wide landscape. I may stay here and be a cowl girl instead. But sadling up is not always about riding - it is not being afraid of taking the next step into the future.

In riding a horse we borrow freedom
Helen Thompson

The Stitch Story
Pattern: Millwater
My Ravelry Pages: Something Orange, Something Red
Actually knitted to fit my Flea Jacket which was a perfect match.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cat(ch) That Garter Shawl

Well, what cold be better than to run after a tassel on a garter stitch shawl? And jump as high as possible and try to kill it and pretending it is a mouse?

I may try this out - but after dark. I mean, men in white coates are a bad combination to the upcoming christmas...

Nevertheless, this is one of my never ending knitting garter shawl projects. 

Tassels and a little sparkling bead is a dot to the i.
This time I used a free pattern called Josephine. Starting with three stitches and increase a stitch every other row until the shawl is large enough. Simple and totally mindless. 

What is not mindless is that red mohair I talked about in my previous post. Since Rauma has taken out the bright red and only makes those pale reds, I used my stashed yarn I was lucky to get on sale. 

I got a lot of great tips from you about red mohair - and actually ordered some from Denmark. 

Their photo showed a bright red - I got a brown one. Really not impressing - seems to be a problem in that shop with their bright colored photos and live colors differing a lot. 

Anyway, it seems like the only place I can get a proper red mohair is in another danish online yarn shop. 

I have searched all over the net - and have not found any place to buy bright red mohair. It will take some time to overcome my last experience in that shop - so I will keep searching.

I am so very pleased with this shawl. The orange with a lot of hue and the bright red are a perfect match. Keep the garter coming :-)

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull, Secia Plumet
Needles: 6mm
Pattern: Josephine Shawl
My Ravelry Page: Autumn Sunset
Never underestimate the craziness of shoe wearing...

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