Sunday, 15 February 2015

Butterfly Mania Done

Some caterpillars takes their time. This was a great project to start on, finding yarn for and getting the chart ready for. The knitting went well and the scarf was growing by the inch. But then, for some reason, the project ended up at the bottom of my pile of unfinished scarves, shawls, sweaters and whatever it is...

After finishing a rainbow shawl I said to myself that it was time to get that caterpillar out and flap its new wings.

Almost a year after I started knitting it I finally finished my butterfly scarf.

And I must say this in the most unnorwegian way: I am so proud of my new scarf. It demands counting stitches all the time as no rows are alike.

And a over two meter long scarf takes time and effort. But mostly, I love the outcome.

The colors and the butterflies are a match. And the frills I knitted just add that little dot over the i.

I must say that I was thinking of another color with the Kauni yarn, but ended with white since that would give the scarf the best background.

The butterfly chart is from the finish mittens book, Sata Kansanomaista Kuviokudinmallia by Eva Haavisto. The book is from 1947. I altered the chart to get it a repeated pattern for my scarf.

So, should I knit the mittens to go with my new scarf? Yes, I should... Some day... Any day...

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal 
of darkness yet become something beautiful

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn, Rauma Finull
Needle: 2.5mm
Extra: Four knitted frills
Measure: 240 x 18cm
Pattern: N:o 65, Kotka
My Ravelry Page: Butterfly Mania
Half the pattern is knitted upside down. To get a good transition I knitted my
name, year and the word butterfly in the middle of it.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Follow The Rainbow

Found it: Chasing rainbows can be awarding...
Chasing rainbows may be a bit of a challenge. I found my own way - knit them. Ok, I admit there should be some limits to how many garter shawls one need. But it seems there are no limits - other than the ones in the closet...

Anyway, this is knitted in Kauni rainbow. Fair enough, it really is a lovely wool yarn. Since I love mixing wool yarn with mohair this was up for the test.

Could I manage the get the color flows as good as in the Kauni itself? The answer is no.

Mohair does not come in a lot of bright colors - so I used most from my stash and bought a yellow one.

In addition the mohair has no color change so the color flow is really hard to get espesially when the rows gets longer.

Although the color flow did not come out as I hoped for, I am really happy about this shawl. So soft, warm and nice to wear.

I cast on three stitches and increase one stitch on the same side until I had 153st on my needle. Then I decrease accordingly. Easy peasy.

I love tassels. No secret about that. They give that extra weight to the garment that keeps it hanging nicely when wearing. And a little bling from some swarovski beads are just the thing to dot the i. They shine like diamonds - just like the rainbow does. All a woman needs...

The Stich Story
Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn EQ, Kid mohair yarn (various)
Needle: 5.5mm
Assesories: Tassels and swarovski beads
My Ravelry Page: Softly Rainbowish

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