Sunday, 27 March 2016

From Stress To Stretch

Never underestimate the power of denial (that this is not perfect)...
After some serious stretching and pulling my tunic is all done. I still think it is a bit too small, but I can actually wear it. I really love the figure shaping pockets. 

Really strange - going hanggliding soon???
But something is really wrong under the arms. It is like I can go hanggliding anytime. 

It sure is knitted a bit tight but still, something is wrong. Maybe I knitted it too long before dividing for sleeves although I followed the pattern? 

Anyway, if I should knit this again I will go a size up. Because knitting looser will make everything worn under it shine through.

Great figure shaping pockets.
I would also knit it longer in order to wear it as both tunic and dress. And if I stripe it again I would not start the stripe knitting so soon.

It is really light, only 300 grams of yarn used for the whole thing. But man, so much knitting.

It has taken a lot of time and I got so bored by it that it has been lying around for months before I finished it.

I have this red Holst yarn just lying there and would love a red one as well. Who knows - I may start it soon..

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Holst supersoft
Needles: 2mm
Pattern: Still Light
My Ravelry Page: Light As The Day

Sunday, 20 March 2016

How Typical Is This?

Preparing for weaving in ends and dreaming of a tunic that will fit me - the shoes already fits :-)
After a million hours of knitting I found my tunic Still Light finished. However.... It is not. I have knitted with at too tight gauge. I measure and measure and always get different number of stitches. I have never learned that measuring properly.

Knitting a bit longer after unraveling.
My tunic is simply too small. I hate it. Still I hope for better outcome.

I decided to knit about 3cm longer (unraveling the rib is part of that) and stretch it as much as I can after wash.

Holst supersoft is a yarn that is highly stretchable. I hope for several centimeters...

If it still not fit I will try and find someone who will get into it.

Because, stop eating chocolate is not an option. Nor is a diet in the whole.

I cross my fingers, toes and knitting needles for that this tunic will do in the end. After all, happy endings can appear in knitting as well as in movies...

A strong mind always hopes, and has always cause to hope
Thomas Carlyle

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

I Should Have...

A fun project bag is a must...
... been knitting on my bird shawl, my tunic, another scarf and also started another sweater or jacket project.

Instead I knit another Pom Pom scarf like this. Simply because garter stitch with pink yarn from the stash was just what I needed. Being creative is like having a seperate life inside that goes its own way. I like the fact that noone can say what is right and wrong in creating.

All those, should have, must, ought to and so on is really killing the pleasure and joy in just going with flow of stitches. Or polymer clay, for that matter. I have made a heart I will show you later. It was great fun :-)

Anyway, enjoy the early spring sun for those who have that luxury. And create what you like - nothing else. Do not let duty destroy the only thing that gives a feeling of freedom.

And here is one of my favourite quotes:

Today me will live in the moment, unless it´s unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie
Cookie Monster

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Drawing The Line

Drawing the line is very important - espesially in knitting.
Sometimes in life we have to draw the line. I had one of those moments some days ago. I had to draw that line. On paper that is. While knitting my new scarf I needed to illustrate how I should knit to get it like I wanted.

Color transition just as I wanted it.
Sorry, but if you expected a whole lot of psychological babble about drawing the line I have to dissapoint you. This is all about knitting and lines on a paper... LOL!

I had to come up with a way to make a smooth transition between two colors.

I found paper and two pens to make it clear to me. So I just draw some lines on the paper and it all made sense.

Never underestimate the simple thing and simple thinking.

The scarf is from the same design as this Pom Pom scarf.

Two colors from my stash and enough to knit the whole thing.

I sometimes get embarrassed by the amount of stash I have.

I have actually done something about it and have not bought yarn for a long period. Not that anything is wrong about it. But it is no longer fun to have so much of it. I love the fact that I can knit from it and get beautiful knits.

Anyway, this is a two color pom pom scarf. The pom poms will also be made from stash and will have some bright colors. Knitted from Rauma finull yarn - my favorite norwegian yarn.

Never overlook the power of simplicity 
Robin S. Sharma
Same design, different colors - all taken from the stash....

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