Sunday, 28 August 2016

Making Every Stitch Count

Being creative and not being able to create much, is harder than I thought. It will be christmas before my shoulders will be better, I am told. I pray it will be tomorrow... LOL! 

Again, I knitted the design Red Katana. Garter stitch with a little graphic twist and only two colors. I love wearing this and knitting it. 

Polymer clay bracelet to match my new scarf. 
I finished it in May. And took a chance on making a bracelet with a match a month or so ago.

Not the best thing to do, but I could use my pasta machine and make the beads as I wanted.

Polymer clay is a really fun medium to work with.

And these bracelets takes little effort and still makes a great accesorie for some knitted garment.

Such a wonderful thing to make a bracelet.

It takes little effort and still gives that good feeling of making something I can use pretty quick.

And I have started another scarf and knit a few rows every day.

It is like taking some kind of vitamin to just have those needles and the yarn.

Garter stitch and some great colors and the world is in balance. The little things are often those that makes the biggest difference, is it not?

Have you experienced a long period of not being able to create? What did you do?

Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability 
to keep a good attitude while waiting
Joyce Meyer

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