Monday, 28 November 2016

Traveling To Space

Another scarf from my design Lifelines. Knitting it in Kauni.
They are often called UFOs. All of those unfinished objects piling up all over the house. Instead of finishing I have started new projects over and over again... Scarves and more scarves. To start new is just much more fun than to finish.

A bright red shawl in Finull and mohair.
But, I have knitted gifts for christmas and a birthday - and that should count for something. I will show them when I can.

Another pom pom shawl in Kauni and mohair.
After tedious training my shoulders are better and I can knit more again. Not as I used to. But I am so happy to pick up the needles and just knit and enjoy it. I think it counts as a very important christmas gift.
Also another pom pom shawl in Kauni and mohair.
Now, I should get a grip on those needles and finish some of these. I am on the Lifelines scarf. Stripes are after all medicinal knitting if you ask me...