Sunday, 11 June 2017

Salt Shaker In A Necklace

An old salt shaker made into a necklace? Yes, it is possible. And I did just that. I made a salt shaker necklace some years ago. The shakers were found on Etsy then. I made only one but recently I came over this wonderful inspiration on Pinterest. Betsy from the blog My Salvaged Treasures told how she made her salt shaker necklaces.

One of my favorite verses is put inside the salt shaker.
I had all I needed. A salt shaker in sterling silver, silver wire and beads.

The shaker is actually marked with VL. It is made by Vincent Lollo in Brooklyn New York, probably in the 1950s.

I love this salt shaker. It is rare and the shape is made for a necklace.

I made a hole in the top and in the bottom so I could get the wire in for making loops.

I used a swarovski crystal, a glass bead and fresh water pearl along with some beads in sterling silver.

Inside the shaker I put one of my favorite verses. I really love this necklace. It is kind of personal and it also holds a secret story about the maker and those who have used it for salt. I wish I knew all those stories.

There must be something strangely sacred about salt 
It is in our tears and in the sea
Khalil Gibran
The shaker before working on it. A good polish made it shine.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Seemed Like A Good Idea

Purple and orange are a pair of winners. And even green with the two makes a nice scarf. I actually like this - but I have never used it. The explanation could be that I have knitted something like 60 scarves in the last years. Oh dear, some numbers makes me chocked... LOL!

Anyway, I wanted to knit a scarf with secondary colors from the color wheel.

They are often forgotten and not much used together. The harmony is there.

And it is really fun to work in colors that are normally not used in the same fabric.

The colors are great together apart from the altering stripes at the end where all three try to dance together.

Not really ending well. Still, it does not have an impact on the whole scarf so I let it pass.

I think I will try and find someone who will look good in this. It should be an interesting task. This is the last from my design Colorized.

Putting colors that normally do not live side by side - that must be the thing. Right now I knit in orange and green. Need I say more? What two colors have you knitted in - that others normally do not see together?

When you reduce life to black and white, you never see rainbows
Rachel Houston

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull, Kauni
Needles: 2.5mm
My Ravelry Page: Secondary Colorize
Pattern: Colorize