Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Best Color Combo Ever

If I should choose two colors, and only two, to knit from the rest of my life it would be these two. Bright red and bright turquoise.

It may be because they fit me so well or simply the fact that they are a perfect match.

I can see from my projects that I tend to use these two together a lot.

A fun little detail on my scarves.
And what puzzles me sometimes is that people are always trying to renew everything.

That feeling when something is new is so nice. But everything gets old and the feeling disappear.

If you are wearing the same colors again and again you get a lot of comments like: Do you not have anything new to show for? Why do you always use the same colors?

We must always thrive after the new whatever that is.

We must always be on top regarding design and color.

And to be honest - what are we really trying to achieve?

Why is it always "wrong" to knit the same all over again? And even in the same colors?

Not always easy to arrange a photo.. LOL!
I have simply logged off all those thoughts about always being better, knit new things and keep up with everyone else.

And I must say - that makes me happy.

To just create as I like it. To use colors I like and wear them with a smile.

That endless competition on being best, being seen and post huge amounts of photos in social media has left me thinking: Is it worth it? Do I feel better of it? The answers are no.

So, I have taken time off from a lot of it. And must say that blogging always has been fun.

And visiting others blogs are so lovely. Like knitting the same scarf all over again in my favorite colors :-)

Are you just creating what you like no matter what others may think or say?
Or do you feel that you should renew all the time and post photos every day?

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull
Needles: 2.5mm
Pattern: Lifelines
My Ravelry Page: A Matter Of Stripes 

Never chase love, affection or attention. If it isnt´t given freely by 
another person, it isn´t worth having

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Two Of A Kind

When I saw the pattern for the scarf Mondsee I did some stash diving. The best thing about that kind of diving is that I do not need a snorkel.

Although, there should be a kind of snorkel for stash diving - after all there are a very long way down to the bottom of it... LOL!!

Well, I started the first scarf with a thin yarn in red. I finished the scarf but the colors were not that bright to my taste.

And I wanted a brighter one with a bit thicker yarn. The first one is knitted in Holst supersoft and the orange one is knitted from yarn I bought in Riga and Finull for the colors.

And I really love that orange one. Often I knit in small needles for this kind of yarn, and for this one I would prefer 2mm needles.

But I tried 2.75mm and the drape is so fantastic. More smooth and soft and the yarn feels so nice. It is not that even knitted but washing do tricks with wool. Always makes the colors shine more and make it more even.

I added a little more length to the orange one with extra color sections. My scarves have to be wrappable. I loved knitting these scarves. The short rows are just enough to keep me from sleeping and the stokinette is always a satisfying way to knit.

If you want to knit your own you can find the pattern on Ravelry here. You can also see all the other different takes on colors for it - how much color do to a garment. Here is my red one - you can surely see the difference from the two.

Strength lies in differences - not in similarities
Stephen Covey

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