Sunday, 7 February 2010

Birds In A Language

These birds are all made in polymer clay. Birds are to me fantastic to make. They remind me of freedom, spring and hope. The best sound I know, is all the birds singing in the morning.

The bracelet birds have different words on them. All the words means bird in a different language: Chim (vietnamese), Éan (irish), Bird (english), Fugl (norwegian, danish), Vögel (german), Adar (welsh), Ptaki (polish), Ndege (swahili), Aves (latin, spanish, italian).

I really don´t know where the idea came from. But every night, before I go to sleep, different jewelry comes to me. And these sort of flew into my mind. And here they are. The spotted ones are made with a clay extruder.

So, let´s spread our wings and be creative. There are no limits or borders in art!

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