Monday, 20 September 2010

Salt Of The Jewelry

The story about this necklace starts with a back issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry from 2009. When I first saw the tutorial for these salt shakers I just knew I had to give it a try.

So I went online to find some vintage salt shakers in silver. I ended up on eBay and found these. I was so pleased with the shape of them.

Little did I know what a challenge I gave myself. It seem easy to cut a window in a salt shaker. But there was no photos and it said to use metal shears. I didn´t know what that was. The photos online made me more confused.

I considered pulling my hair off (and save money on shampo). But instead of going bald I found that a proper tool hunt was more appealing.

I went to all the hardware stores I could think of. When I told them about my project they were shaking their heads and had that little smile in their face: She is crazy.

I even called stores in other parts of the country. No one could help me.

I also sent an email to the artist, but she never answered. I´m very determined about jewelry projects so I never ever give up anything unless it´s totally impossible. Not even then...

Well, I took my boyfriend with me - who also had gone through both his and my toolbox - to another town to look for some attachment for the Dremel.

We finally found something that could work. And IT DID! Together with some other tools, metal files and sand paper. I can´t say how happy I was to have made windows in my shakers.

Inside this one there is a polymer clay bead. I printed out some text that means a lot to me, and added a bird from a digital sheet from Etsy.

Then I did some wirework. Well, I need to work on that...

But I´m so pleased with this idea of making jewelry out of something that isn´t suppose to be jewelry.

It gives a whole new dimension and surprises.

 So the motto of this project must be: Never ever give up anything.

Not even when things looks completely hopeless.


  1. I am glad you didn't give up! What a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. The shape of the salt shaker is lovely, how big is it?

  2. Hi there Cara,
    It´s about 5 cm high. Thank you for your nice compliment!!

  3. Well done Lone.
    Never say never, never give up!!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Love and hugs.

  4. Absolutely lovely! Your determination did pay off.

  5. Thank you Marie!!! And good luck with your playing with food!!! Hugs!!

    Thank you stregata!!

  6. I'm still having computer issues...but I wanted to stop by and say how beautiful the salt shaker pendant is! So unique and just adorable with the little bird! I also got your message about mailing my little mouse-thank you!

  7. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. Pure heaven. I want that.


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