Sunday, 3 October 2010

Some Chunky Business

The rain has been teeming down and the fog has left the day almost dark. So I got into urging for some colors to make me smile.

So I made this chunky bracelet to remind me that it´s important to keep the summer inside despite the winter is on it´s way.

This bracelet is really not a big thing.

But it´s sometimes so wonderful just finding some bright colors and make something easy to let myself know that I actually made something today.

In addition to the knitting that is.

And it´s easy and nice to make the chunky beads. They don´t have to be alike and I can enjoy that they become beads between my hands.

I love contrasts and put an orange bead into the bracelet. The rest are turquoise, green and purple.

The orange bead reminds me of the moment of making it and that there´s always something positive to see every day.

Even if it´s just the smallest thing: It can make the difference.


  1. Such a fun bracelet! I love the splash of orange!

  2. I make colorful jewelry all year round because it cheers me! Glad to see I'm not the only one!

  3. It is a lovely and fun bracelet and the orange bead makes it perfect, with that bit of surprise!

  4. Thank you Debbie!!

    Thank you Lori - let´s never stop that!!!

    Thank you Jan!!!

  5. Es Muy lindo Trabajo de las Naciones Unidas. Me gusta Mucho. Besos DESDE Barcelona (España)

  6. Gracias!!! Thank you for visiting!!!


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