Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Presenting: Seahorse For The Winter

Just in time for the winter to hit Norway my sweater is finished. And I´ve really need it. It´s freezing here at the time. But now I have the seahorse to remind me of the warm ocean in the summer to come.
I´ve enjoyed so much to knit this sweater.

And I love the way it turned out. Despite it´s a litte too big - it´s amazing to wear. The colors are perfect for me.

Knitting is a really great thing to do. I can take it with me everywhere and people in Norway are knitting a lot now.

It´s kind of a trend right now. And that makes a lot of new designs to come along.

I´ve already started knitting on a jacket - I´ll post about it soon.

Thanks to Tori Seierstad for her pattern for the seahorse - that made me so happy.

And that´s the main thing in creating - if it makes me happy life get´s so much better.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Expecting A Butterfly

I can´t stop making these chrysalis forms. Made of polymer clay and inside everyone of them is a prayer or a wish. That makes them special to wear. It´s like wearing a treasure.

I must give the honor to Lori Wilkes and her tutorial in Belle Armoire Jewelry.

She is so generous and have shared several tutorials in issues of the magazine.

She is a great artist, and she makes art that make you think and she has a deeper meaning about what she does. Check her out!!

That someone out there give away their knowledge is a great gift to all of us.

They have gone a long way to do that. I feel so blessed to be part of a sharing community.

And it gives me the courage to go on with my little creative world.

Thank you so much.

To have courage means so much to me. And it was a word I wanted to put on my last chrysalis. Courage is the thing that makes the fear stop running your life!

Just a qoute from Lao Tzu about coarage:

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Plastic Is Fantastic

Especially when you can form it as you want. I did another pencil like form with the word grace on it. Made of polymer clay. The pendants are so fun making, and they are not difficult.

The pendant is also inspired by Xante Walkers tutorial an Belle Armoire Jewelry. You can see the first I made here.

I added some plastic tubes to the necklace. One of them holds a minimized photo of some beads I previous made as you can see in the photo here.

The photo were matching the colors of the necklace. The other holds a prayer.

I´ve used leather cord, torn fabric and a silk ribbon to put the necklace together.

I´m very happy about the colors - they work together. And right now when autumn are bringing grey, black and pale colors in everything I just need to add some brightnes of my own.

I love colors and can´t get enough of the bright ones. Anyway, it´s really up to us what colors we like and are using. So let the spring inside always show on the outside.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

He Is Finally Born

No, I´m not talking about a child. But a seahorse which I´ve been knitting on. I can´t thank Tori Seierstad enough for her excellent pattern for this wonderful creature with the traditional norwegian eight leaf rose inside he´s stomach.

Check her out - she´s such a talented knitter. The seahorse pattern is really meant for mittens - but it fitted perfect in my sweater which were suppose to look like this according the pattern.

To have found that seahorse on Toris blog means so much to me.

I could make a sweater for myself which means something special to me.

The seahorse is so beautiful, so delicate and so fragile. But still they survives in the ocean. Just amazing.

So, I have to knit some more. I still need to finish this and two sleeves. And I can´t wait to wear it.
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