Monday, 15 November 2010

Plastic Is Fantastic

Especially when you can form it as you want. I did another pencil like form with the word grace on it. Made of polymer clay. The pendants are so fun making, and they are not difficult.

The pendant is also inspired by Xante Walkers tutorial an Belle Armoire Jewelry. You can see the first I made here.

I added some plastic tubes to the necklace. One of them holds a minimized photo of some beads I previous made as you can see in the photo here.

The photo were matching the colors of the necklace. The other holds a prayer.

I´ve used leather cord, torn fabric and a silk ribbon to put the necklace together.

I´m very happy about the colors - they work together. And right now when autumn are bringing grey, black and pale colors in everything I just need to add some brightnes of my own.

I love colors and can´t get enough of the bright ones. Anyway, it´s really up to us what colors we like and are using. So let the spring inside always show on the outside.


  1. Es muy original y a la ver hermoso. Besos

  2. It's very unique & beautiful! I love the bright colors, too!

  3. Thank you Ma Reyes!!!!!

    Thank you Debbie!!!

  4. I would say that it is YOU who are fantastic!!!
    **kisses** Deb

  5. Oh thank you so much Deb - you totally made my day, week and year!!! Big big hugs!!

  6. Amazing, fantastic, are great!!!!
    I like very much the colors...perfect!!!


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