Sunday, 12 December 2010

I Choose The Colors In Life

Yes - finally presenting one of my new knitting projects. This time from a free pattern. The sweater is going to be a jacket. And the colors are just wonderful.

I was so inspired by Kristin Nicholas book Color by Kristin. A book that explains colors in knitting so you understand, get inspired and want to create of your own.

It´s no secret that I love bright colors. The brighter the better - and with a lot of contrasts.

It´s like swimming in clear blue water in the Pacific Ocean to look at bright colors.

And finally colors are a choice. A choice for light, hope, joy and fun. One can always choose the dark but it leeds us nowhere and leave us sad, lonely and cold.

Choose the colors you love, put them together and find yourself in them. I´m sure you´ll see the true colors of who you are - and feel the joy of it inside.
These are the colors I chose for the jacket


  1. that is going to be one beautiful jacket! looking forward to seeing your progress along the way... i love your outlook on color by the way...

  2. those are pretty colors! I can't even knit one color and have it turn out are quite an ambitious knitter!

  3. I love to visit here and one of the reasons is all the clear vibrant color! That is going to be one fabulous jacket!!

  4. Ohh, thank you so so much for your nice and heart warming comments!!!!

  5. I am looking forward to seeing your amazing jacket finished! The colors are so vibrant and lovely!

  6. I love the colors!!!

    Be sure & pick up your "Blog of Substance Award" at


  7. OMG - Thank you ever so so much. This means so much to me. And thank you for reading my blog!!! A big hug!!!


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