Saturday, 26 February 2011

Look What I Won

I´m so happy to tell that I won three giveaways during One World One Heart bloghopping. Two of them has arrived and take a look. This is amazing!
The first to arrive was from Wanda at A Frayed of Fibers. Take a look at her blog and read about her life, art and all that in between. I wished for the orange doll - and won it. It´s fantastic and give joy in my studio. She also made a necklace with my initial and in addition a lot of special and different things I can use in my creative work. Thank you so much Wanda!!

The second to arrive was the soap saver from Cris. She has crochet this smart thing to drop your soap bar into and use it for rubbing your skin. Cris has the pattern on her blog so go check her out. And if you want to learn crocheting you´ll find a lot of videos posted in her blog. Thank you so much Cris!!

I was so happy when I won in the OWOH. Can´t wait to next years event!!


  1. Wow Lone!! Amazing!! I am so happy for you! Everything you won is so special!!!!!

  2. Congrats, Lone! You've won some beautiful things!

  3. Oh - I am so glad you got it!!!! I hope you find it useful :) And brava to you for winning THREE times !!!! You are full of good luck :)

  4. Congratulations, Lone! The best presents are always with the worm feelend from heart and you got it! Hope to see more your beautiful creations with the first kit and be healthy with yourr second :-)


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