Monday, 21 February 2011

Pebbles Are A Girls Best Friend

Or maybe not? Anyway, these faux pebbles are made of polymer clay and set into a bracelet and some rings. Making them is so satisfying. Because there are no limits and best of all, no correct or perfect way to make them. They just come as they become, shaped between my hands.

I use inclusions like embossing powder and spices. I use a lot of translucent clay mixed with other colors like green, black and grey. And of course my hands and my intuitive mind.

Bracelet of faux pebbles seen from above.
After baking they hit the various sandpapers from 600 to 1200 grit and they´re ready for jewelry.

As you can see I also made a couple of rings to go with the bracelet.

Pebbles are some of the most wonderful things we can discover on beaches and along riversides.

Every one of them is unique. And that goes for us as well.

As we grow up we try to be like everyone else. Whatever that is...

But there´s only one of us - and people don´t come with a blueprint. So why try to be one?

So let´s get out there an be our own pebble with it´s colors, shapes and lived life. If that´s not a diamond - what is??
I also made a couple of rings to go with the bracelet of faux pebbles.


  1. lovely work! those rings are really, really cool...

  2. oh wow - these look so real! absolutely lovely :)

  3. These are really beautiful! Your blog is always such a nice place to visit & always full of thought and inspiration.

  4. Thank you Jean - yes and they are easy to make. I love those design!!

    Thank you Cris - polymer clay is so fun. You can make it look like almost anything...

    Thank you Debbie - what a sweet comment. It warmed my heart!!!

  5. Well done, they look like they might have been picked up off the beach. The rings are great too. Are the rings comfortable to wear?

  6. Lone, I love these!! They are amazing!!! I could see one of those pebble rings on my finger! Wink!! LOL! So cool! And, I agree, it's no fun trying to be someone else, be you and be proud of who you are!

  7. Such beautiful work and such an inviting blog, too!
    Also, thanks for visiting me on my blog. This is all so new to me and such fun!

  8. Not as colourful as your normal creations but still beautiful! I was picking up peebles on the beach just yesterday and am going to polish them in my rock tumbler but won't turn them into jewellery.

  9. lone - these are absolutely stunning! and your rings are wonderful!

  10. Thank you Jan - yes very comfortable and light to wear!!

    Thank you Stacy - I´ll try that!!!

    Thank you Barbara - and you´re very welcome!!

    Thank you Cara - hope you publish your pebbles so I can see them!!

    Thank you mairedodd!!!

  11. Absolutely wonderful!!! TFS.
    Have a great day.

  12. Utrolig mye fint som du lager. Veldig inspirerende :)

  13. I agree! I love pebbles. I always come back with full pockets whenever I come back from the beach! I find a lot of inspirations just simply by watching them. Your bracelet is magic!

  14. Thank you Marie!!

    Takk Sylke - hyggelig med norsk besøk!!!!

    Thank you Maja - I just love beaches! But sometimes hard to bring them home from abroad...

  15. Gorgeous, I love the colours, very refined.
    Do you sand them by hand?

  16. Thank you!! Yes, they are sanded and buffed by hand!


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