Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Hint Of Love And Care

I found this video on a wonderful blog I´ve been following for some time. You should check out Beth Hemmilas blog.

You´ll find small wonderful silver charms - and yes, there are one with a humminbird as well. I bought a couple of Beths charms and they are so beautiful. She calls them hints - little stories in silver.

And remember: It´s the small things in life that makes us happy. Maybe this little hummingbird will make your day brighter.


  1. Lone, thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face and my mom's this morning! First I would like to say, I loved Beth's Etsy store. I might have to treat myself to one ;o) And, wow, what a beautiful video! Hummingbirds are my mom's favourite and I have to say after crows, mine too;o) Have a Happy Easter my friend ;o)

  2. Thank you Stacy!! I´m so happy you´ve had a great time with the video. And that you liked the hints - maybe a crow?? LOL. A big hug dear friend!!

  3. Thanks for sharing that amazing video! I hope the baby hummingbird made it back to the wild!


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