Monday, 11 April 2011

Knitting Me A Meadow

Click on the photo to see the scarf better.
Spring has finally arrived - and soon it will be summer. So why am I knitting a new scarf in alpaca wool?

Well, in this way both spring and summer will last and give a little warm feeling when the snow is back. Or hopefully not. LOL!

Anyway, I´m knitting another scarf because there´s so much pleasure in it. And alpaca is really comfortable to wear. And oh, I love the colors I can use.

This is a pattern from the danish knit designer Ruth Sørensen. It´s actually for a shawl - but I don´t know when I should wear a shawl - but a scarf is much easier to find use for.

I love the pattern. It´s an easy and nice knit to just run along between my hands.

And as the spring outside is making everything bloom and grow, flowers are growing inside. At least in my scarf.

Have a lovely blooming week where you are - either outside or inside.


  1. Hvor ser det altså godt ud. Glad og forårsagtigt. Har du selv fundet på blomsterne?
    God uge til dig også:-)

  2. Utrolig flott! Sikkert deilig varmt og mykt også!

  3. Dorte - tusen tak. Det er faktisk Ruth Sørensens mønster "Daisy" eller tusindfryd som er lavet om til halstørklæde. Det er jo egentlig et sjal....

  4. Takk Tori!! Strikker med Du Store Alpakka, og det er bare helt fantastisk mykt.

  5. You truly amaze me Lone! Very beautiful scarf! Have a great week ;o) Take Care ;o)

  6. Thank you dear Stacy - you´re always so kind to me!!!

  7. Another amazing scarf, Lone! Such beautiful colors! I'll bet the alpaca is so soft and warm, too.

  8. Thank you so much Debbie - yes the alpaca is so wonderful. And it´s even not too warm - it sort of regulate to temperature in a way.

  9. I love the colors and the pattern! Really a beautiful scarf!


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