Friday, 1 April 2011

One Can Never Get Too Woolly

I´ll salute all sheeps and alpaccas. If it haven´t been for you, what in the world should keep us warm or busy with our needles.

Well, there´s always cotton - but wool is the best. At least that´s my woolly thought right now.

All of the ones that match my scarf.
Anyway, these bangles are an addition to the ones made to match my heartwarming scarf.

It´s so much fun to have a colorful world of yarn just waiting to become strawberries or bangles.

Finding Ravelry gives me a lot of inspiration and courage to try out things I´ve never thought I could do.

And of course all the knitting books I´ve been dreaming my self through.

In the meantime, the clay is resting. But there are some birds ready to be born. More about that later.

I follow my heart and create what I like. A freedom that makes me so happy.
 Yes - let´s hit the needles.



  1. Så fine og fargerike, de er til å bli glad av :)
    Takk for hyggelig tilbakemelding hos meg, jeg setter stor pris på det du skrev! Du inspirerer også med det du lager - du har din egen vri!

    Ha en fin helg! Klem :)

  2. Love the bracelets--so colorful & full of cheer! I love..."All you knit is love!"

  3. Amazing Lone! So Beautiful! I can tell, you create what you like and that it's from your heart! A+++ Take Care My Friend ;o)

  4. these are so pretty! I'd love to wear them. Are they knitted? they look felted. maybe they are both. very nice.

  5. Tusen takk Sylke - så hyggelig at du kom en tur innom!!

  6. Thank you Debbie - must be my new motto. LOL!!

  7. Thank you Stacy - you touched my heart. I wouldn´t know that one could see it in my stuff... Hugs!!

  8. Thank you Jan - yes they are first knitted and then felted a couple of times in the washer!!

  9. These are just so beautiful!!! The colors are marvelous and the texture inviting!

  10. I absolutely looove your woolies!! I admire your knitting abilities and all your art work!Hugs and kisses :)))


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