Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stitch By Stitch

1. JustPomPon, 2. FeltBracelet, 3. ColorWrapping, 4. BraidedBracelet, 5. FeltNorwegian, 6. WoollyStrawberries, 7. AThousandHearts, 8. ICanFly, 9. MyFishySweater, 10. HappyInAScarf, 11. MeadowInColor, 12. FeltBracelet, 13. HappyDots, 14. MyKnittedCat, 15. SeahorseForTheWinter, 16. ScrapYarn

Oh, sometimes it´s a good idea to look back - if it´s all about knitting. I feel so blessed to be able to create in color. This is a mosaic from some of my latest creations. What a joy it has been to knit all this. The last photo of the scrap yarn show that there can be beauty in even the small threads. 

I wish you a wonderful day - and hope that you´ll find your true colors.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I Will Not Give Up Now

I´ve actually thought about throwing this project in the bin many times, and never ever think of it again. But I constantly find myself knitting on this scarf. I´ve finally made peace with the thing and have decided to finish it. 

No matter how much more I´m going to hate this awful, terrible, horrible yarn called Zauberball. Gosh, it is the worst yarn ever.

The spinning of it must have been done while someone was aslepp: It goes from super thin as in sewing thread to chunky. Some places the yarn just brakes while knitting. And the length of the various colors are very different in all the skeins. This means that black and green always collide - I´ve taken out huge amount of these colors.

Not to mention the prize. It´s like believing that you´ve bought a steak only to find out you came home with dogfood (if you´re not a dog that is).

Anyway, if there´s not larger problems to take care of I shouldn´t complain. Or what did I just do... Off to finish this. Have a lovely day everybody.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Winter In Progress

Or was it Work In Progress? Well, they fit well both of them. And so does my very first stranded mitten. This is only the left one and I still have to knit the thumb. But with a very well written pattern from Wenche Roald I think I´ll manage. The right one has another scene on it.

In fact I´ve got the taste for mitten knitting. Her pattern is so understandable and I don´t have to find things out on my own. Norwegian patterns tend to be vague if you´re not very experienced in the thing you´re knitting.

Anyway, these are knitted in Rauma PT2 and on 2mm needles. The only problems are the long floats on the back. Weaving them in as I knit makes them visible, so I´m planing to sew them a little after I´ve finished my knitting. Hopefully before the first snow comes....

The pattern is called Winterland and you´ll find the english version as well on the link above. Sometimes winter just looks wonderful - at least on this pair of mittens.

Friday, 7 October 2011

A Perfect Reflection

My cat has this wonderful ability to stay in the minute. To enjoy his life without worries other than to get in fast when it´s raining.

One morning he was standing in a puddle where he found a tiny stone to stand on with two of his paws. I loved to watch him and to see his reflection in the water and the sunlight coming from behind him.

I wish we could see our own reflection and see the beauty of it. Without dreaming of stuffing our body with silicone and botox.

Think about it: If we use the energy we usually use to think bad about ourselves to do something good - the world would be a much better place to be.

We were all meant to shine.
Give your self a hug, and say the you are the best. Be yourself - everyone else is taken.

And find a puddle to see your true reflection: You are beautiful - no matter what.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy life.
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