Friday, 7 October 2011

A Perfect Reflection

My cat has this wonderful ability to stay in the minute. To enjoy his life without worries other than to get in fast when it´s raining.

One morning he was standing in a puddle where he found a tiny stone to stand on with two of his paws. I loved to watch him and to see his reflection in the water and the sunlight coming from behind him.

I wish we could see our own reflection and see the beauty of it. Without dreaming of stuffing our body with silicone and botox.

Think about it: If we use the energy we usually use to think bad about ourselves to do something good - the world would be a much better place to be.

We were all meant to shine.
Give your self a hug, and say the you are the best. Be yourself - everyone else is taken.

And find a puddle to see your true reflection: You are beautiful - no matter what.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy life.


  1. What a beautiful cat and pictures. I dream of stuffing my body with vegan donuts and cupcakes and I waste too much energy on that :)

  2. Beautiful photos! We should all strive to be the ripples in the water, spreading love and happiness where it is needed--starting with ourselves! Happy weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos!
    My cat is a constant source of inspiration to me as well :-)

  4. Lovely capture on the cat photo and wonderful sentiments too. We should all be more positive in all areas of our lives. Positive energy reflects and creates more positive energy. Let it flow!

  5. Lone, beautiful photo's! I love your kitty! And, I love what you wrote! Thanks so much! Take Care my friend ;o)

  6. Oh guys - thank you so much for your lovely comments. I´m so happy that you visit my little corner in blogland again!!! Big hugs!!

  7. Wise thoughts - thank you for sharing. Love the photos of your beautiful kitty!

  8. For en herlig og fargerik blogg du har! Har kikket innom her et par ganger tidligere og legger meg nå til som fast leser, for her fant jeg mye skaperglede og inspirasjon.

    Gode tanker du har; godt å minne seg selv på i hverdagen hvor vi er altfor "flinke" til å fortelle den negative historien om oss selv, istedet for å se alt det positive vi har å by på. :)

  9. Takk Helle!! Så koselig at du liker bloggen min!!!

  10. Hej Lone,
    Jeg har i mange dage villet lægge en kommentar til det fine billede og dine tankevækkende ord, men blogger drilede -igen. Det er taget til efterretning. Det kan nu godt være at jeg satser på at tage mig alligevel.

  11. Hej Dorte - godt at du kom indenom!!!


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