Monday, 2 January 2012

A Bridge Of Colors

It´s really no secret: I love rainbows and all the colors in it. As I´m also totally knitting to much shawls I combined those two into this shawl. Using variegated yarn didn´t give a rainbow effect since it ended up in stripes due to long rows in the end of the shawl.

So I decided to use yarn from my stash - and there were a lot of bright colors. Oh, I had to buy some skeins too.... I actually used my polymer clay necklace as a guide for the colors. And it worked.

In this shawl there are nine colors. It´s the same pattern I used for my three other shawls knitted lately - do I need treatment??? Oh no, I actually started a new one...

I just love this shawl. I can wrap myself in a rainbow and think of the wonder that creates colors. As before, it´s knitted with 3mm and 9mm needles on the same cable. That´s what gives the stitch pattern. I used KnitPro - they are the only ones I can get where I live.

If you need to know more about the yarn and all those color numbers you´ll find it in my project page on Ravelry. There are no ends to weave in as I used spit splicing. Yes, it sounds very delicate... Check it out here - it´s a great technique.

Rainbows to me are mysterious, a fascinating bridge of colors over the sky with a promise of a treasure if you dare hunt for it. Maybe the treasure is to find our hearts, to find who is truly us and show all those colors to the world. I believe that would brighten up everything if we were not afraid of showing who we really are. Or what do you think?

My polymer clay necklace made some years ago were a great model for
finding the best colors to create a rainbow stitch by stitch for the shawl.


  1. Thanks for this techinque link! So very useful. I hate weaving in my ends, I always end up with some uneven segments.

  2. Thank you coffeeaddict - yes, and the ends will show on a shawl...

  3. Beautiful, bright and happy. Exquisite work as usual. Thanks for the link!

  4. Thank you so much - jumping up and down!!!!!

  5. I am loving the spit splicing!!!
    I am also loving all your rainbows. I am in love with rainbows much that my Hebrew name is Keshet, rainbow. Thank you Lone for sharing all your pretties with the world

  6. Each time I see one of your scarves, I am sure it is my favorite...until I see the next one! Thanks for including the link--that is an awesome technique!

  7. Thank you Kathi!! I wish I had your name - and how nice that you also love rainbows!!!

  8. I love this scarf and I love rainbows!!! I think I am going to have to force you or Debbie to start selling this beautiful items!!! ;o)

  9. Thank you Stacy - would that mean that you´ll come visit me??? LOL!!

  10. What a beautiful, vibrant and happy shawl!

    I really like your mousey necklace.

    You are right, we should all embrace the colours that make us happy!

  11. Love of colours’ sees to influence most of your work. The colours give energy and speak of playfulness. Love it!

  12. Thank you Helle - I just can´t´help it... LOL!!


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