Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Simply A Knitty Laugh

I found this video on Susan B. Andersons blog. She is a knit designer who has all these wonderful knitted animals and a lot of fun and cute knit designs.

Anyway, this video really made me laugh. I don´t know why there is swearing in the title - there are none in the video it self. Have a look, have a laugh and know that there are more of us!!!


Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Heart Of Yarn

Well, not really. It is a heart of tassels. It holds my latest shawl in bright red. I am absolutely and completely satisfied with the outcome.

I have been knitting a few of these shawls and has been experimenting with how to get a wide wingspan and still have sort of a shawl.

And this time I got it exactly as I wanted.

I followed the pattern until I had 167 stitches.

Then I started increasing four stitches on right side and two stitches on wrong side until there were 209 stitches.

And then I started increasing four stitches on every row.

Soft, red, warm and bright. Just like a sunrise. Just like a happy day. Just like love.

The Stitch Story

Yarn: 7 skeins Rauma Mitu, 2.5 skeins Sesia Plumet
Needles: Interchangeable needles with 10mm and 4mm
Size: 235 x 64 (without tassels)
Other materials: Glass beads for the tassels
Ravelry linkNumber Nine

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Simply A Match

I have just finished a new shawl. Oh, not a very big surprise since I almost do that every week...

I do not often knit in purple but the colors I found are so lovely and I could not resist. I do not have a good photo of the shawl yet. Bad photo weather - I will post when I manage to get out for a photo shoot.

But I can show you how a very nice match between yarn and polymer clay were made lately.

I had this polymer clay bracelet made a while ago. It was too small but I found a bird bead and another bead to go with it so I gave it new life.

The word "ptaki" means bird in polish.

You can have a look at a previous bracelet with polymer clay birds stamped with the word bird in different languages here.

Amongst my many sea urchin pendants I found a purple one. And it was a match made by my hands.

I find great joy in using both my jewelry and my knitted garments together.

They match in their own way and have their own story.

I often find that using ones creativity is to tell stories about life, ourselves or of the beauty you can see in someones eyes. Creativity is the song performed by our souls. Do you agree??

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Smells Like A New Shawl

My cat is so right. I knitted a new shawl - again. This time I used a thicker yarn and after some time I found out that it would be a blanket more than a shawl.

That would suit my cat just fine, but since he has an extraordinary way of finding comfort - I thought about a way to make a wider wingspan so I could use it.

I posted a thread on Ravelry to seek some help with the increasing and I simply started improvise based on various advice. Instead of increasing 2 stitches on every row I started increasing 4 stitches.

I had no idea how it would turn out. It could have been a disaster - and a new blanket for my cat. I only have one problem - I did not write down what I did.

And since I started a new shawl in a wonderful red color - I have to find out this one more time. This time I will write it all down.

After some minutes in Soak and drying with only a small amount of blocking, it came out just perfect.

That means perfect to me. A wide wingspan to wrap around and still a kind of a shawl.

Tassels with glass beads.
The Mitu yarn is wool and alpaca and the Plum yarn is mohair. The shawl is a dream to wear. Warm, soft and with wide wings.

And I like to think of this as wings growing out to be wide as we start beeing who we really are.

One can not fly using other peoples wings. We need to use our own. And dare to trust that our own wings are more than strong enough.

The Stitch Story
8 skeins Rauma Mitu (wool and alpaca), 3 skeins Sesia Plumet (mohair)
Needles: Interchangeable needles with 4 and 9mm
Size: 247 x 75 cm
Stitches: 331 stitches before BO
Pattern: Schultertuch
Ravelry link: Number Six

Oh no, not another shawl. This is too much - I am just going to lie down. What about a blanket for me?

Friday, 10 February 2012

And The Winner Is

My purple sea urchin is soon on it´s way to Oslo and Vibeke. Her blog is in norwegian so use a translater and visit her world of yarn and knitting.

She´s an excellent knitter and I would have been terrified if my giveaway was something knitted... Her shawls are so perfect knitted.

Congratulations Vibeke and thank you for entering! And a big thank you to all of you who read my post and wanted to win. I wish I could give you all a sea urchin!!!

I was so happy about your nice comments. I feel truly blessed to have followers and visitors that give so much back to me. Thank you all so very much.

I used a generator to draw the winner.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Celebrating With You

Today it is exactly 2 years since my very first blogpost. Some years ago I was determined to never go online. Then I joined Flickr. But I was never going to blog - not me! Then I did, and I don´t regret it at all.

I didn´t want it to be a duty to write or to have something to say. It should be fun and give me and others something. And I´ve had a lot of thoughts about what to share. I´m not that private and like it that way. After all, everything you put online will stay there forever.

I decided to blog in english, because I did not find anyone creating in polymer clay in norwegian. It is sometimes a lot of work finding the right words, but I´m really happy about this. I´ve met so many bloggers all over the world and it is so giving.

I appreciate all your visits and comments - they brighten up my life. And I would like to thank you so much for that. Your support, humor and thoughts about life and creating is very important to me.

So I´ve made a sea urchin in polymer clay to give away to a lucky winner. You don´t have to jump through any hoops to win this - it´s a free giveaway. It has a long leather cord with beads on the end to get the exact length you want. The disks are also polymer clay - the round one has tiny glass beads on it.

In order for me to know that you´re interested please comment on this post. The giveaway will be open until February 9th 12.00 pm (CET). The winner will be contacted and have 24 hours to reply - if no reply I need to draw another winner. If you don´t have an email address in your profile please leave one in your comment.

Thank you for visiting my blog, for your comments and for the light you bring into my life.
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