Thursday, 2 February 2012

Celebrating With You

Today it is exactly 2 years since my very first blogpost. Some years ago I was determined to never go online. Then I joined Flickr. But I was never going to blog - not me! Then I did, and I don´t regret it at all.

I didn´t want it to be a duty to write or to have something to say. It should be fun and give me and others something. And I´ve had a lot of thoughts about what to share. I´m not that private and like it that way. After all, everything you put online will stay there forever.

I decided to blog in english, because I did not find anyone creating in polymer clay in norwegian. It is sometimes a lot of work finding the right words, but I´m really happy about this. I´ve met so many bloggers all over the world and it is so giving.

I appreciate all your visits and comments - they brighten up my life. And I would like to thank you so much for that. Your support, humor and thoughts about life and creating is very important to me.

So I´ve made a sea urchin in polymer clay to give away to a lucky winner. You don´t have to jump through any hoops to win this - it´s a free giveaway. It has a long leather cord with beads on the end to get the exact length you want. The disks are also polymer clay - the round one has tiny glass beads on it.

In order for me to know that you´re interested please comment on this post. The giveaway will be open until February 9th 12.00 pm (CET). The winner will be contacted and have 24 hours to reply - if no reply I need to draw another winner. If you don´t have an email address in your profile please leave one in your comment.

Thank you for visiting my blog, for your comments and for the light you bring into my life.


  1. I love your sea urchin with the felted beads! I would have had no idea that it was made from polymer clay if you had not mentioned it. I would love to win. Lisa W.

  2. Oh is just my color I love your blog, your creations, all the vibrant colors. they all call to me. thank you for deciding to blog two years ago!!!!!

  3. Congratulations :)
    I also create in polymer clay and i love it.
    Your sea urchin is so beautiful, the purple color - uhm.....

  4. Looking at your beautiful sea urchin, I was thinking I had no idea they could be purple. It's so realistic!
    Congrats on your two-year anniversary

  5. Gratulerer med to år! Bloggen din er vakker og inspirerende, og en glede å besøke. Nydelig smykke og i mine yndlingsfarger, så jeg blir gjerne med på trekningen.

  6. Happy blogiversary! I only recently found your blog (a couple of months ago) and I must say it is a pleasure to follow you and your beautiful creations!

  7. Oh my goodness...and my favourite colour too:) Please enter me in your giveaway.

  8. Happy Anniversary Lone! I am so happy that I found your blog and we have become long-distance friends. Your happy blog is full of color and wonderful words. I am always in awe of your gorgeous knitting and polymer clay work! You inspire me!

  9. Stort tillykke med de to år. Jeg kan ikke helt huske hvornår jeg fandt dig og dit farvestrålende halstørklæde, men det er da mere end et år siden. Det er altid en fornøjelse at og en inspiration at se din vilde leg med farver.Fortsæt endelig et par år mere.
    knus. Dorte

  10. Happy Anniversary My Friend ;o) I truly love your blog and all your creations ;o) You are a bright shining star!
    Please enter me into your beautiful giveaway! I would be honored to win it! Actually, I am standing on a chair waving to you ;o) Can you see me ;o) I'm right here Lone ;o) LOL!
    Have a great day ;o)

  11. two years go by in a flash :-)
    I'm so glad you decided to blog and stuck with it. Your posts and thoughts on leading a colourful life have changed mine in ways I can't begin to explain!

    Happy weekend

  12. Congratulations on your 2 years anniversary as a blogger!
    I started to blog because we bought an old house with extensive renovation needs, and soon got very tired of all the questions from friends and relatives on the current status. When you live with woodwork, paint, without a closet for months it is hard to keep up the enthusiasm.

    After a while, when things started to settle renovationvise, and I for the first time had got my own sewing-room, I felt like sharing the results of my creativity with others. I must admit I thought my own family was not all that interested. On the Internet I found fellow companion’s whit the same love for crafts work that I had, and blogging turned into a great inspiration to finalise my work.

    I have chosen to write in Norwegian, simply because it is my native language and I feel much more comfortable in expressing myself in Norwegian, even though I now that I would probably meet more sewing-interested bloggers if I broadened my blog by choosing English as my language like you have done. I’m impressed that you have chosen to do so, and I’m looking forward to follow your blog in the future.

  13. Happy aniversary! I enjoy always visiting your lovely blog and seeing your creations! What a beautiful shawl you have made again! And this sea urchin neglace is adorable and so unique! Thank you for sharing it and your ideas and giving us inspiration!

  14. Klart jeg er med! Gratulerer med 2 år, er så morsomt å blogge ikke sant!
    Nydelig smykke du har laget, skikkelig i farvene dine også!

    Da var det bare å krysse fingrene da :)

    Klem fra Desirée

  15. Gratulerer med jubileum. Det var et nydelig smykke, klart jeg vil være med i trekningen.


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