Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Grey Disappointment

I rarely knit anything in grey. There is nothing wrong with the color - in fact I wish I did not look sick wearing it. Anyway, I am not wearing this purse grey or not. This is my first knitted purse. I think knitted anything is great - well, almost... I thought this would be a quick and easy way to get a knitted purse. So far so grey.

In the pattern photo the purse looked fabulous. Just what I wanted. I ordered the kit and started knitting.

Well, it did not turned out as I hoped for. And that would be like the one in the pattern photo.

The pattern had no information about gauge. So it was a bit too little for the clutch. And to decrease while knitting cables did not work out well. Also no direction for that.

It must be said: Norwegian patterns are always vague. I really do not know why.

Maybe designers assume that the knitter is educated in knitting or it is simply a very bad habit. A lot of knitters has complained but it do not seem to help.

Any other suggestion or views on that issue?

BUT, the grey purse is here. And I will use it. Maybe not flash is all over, but just use it for a suitable use. It is meant to be a mobile phone purse. Now it is just a purse. It really looks better in the photos than in real life....

Too much complaining for one day - the sun is out. The spring is here. And who cares about a grey purse that failed?? There are so much more important things to knit. And that will work.... Have a grey(t) day - if you know what I mean. LOL!!

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Misti from Du Store Alpakka
Needles: 5mm (30cm circular needle)
Size: 13 x 11cm
PatternPurse for cell phones
Other materials: Clutch from the kit
Ravelry linkSort Of A Purse


  1. Hmm, mon ikke det er dårlig vane fra designere der er vant til meget strikkende modtagere. Det er jo først når man får fat i sådan en udførlig roman på engelsk, at det går op for en at norske, og så sandelig også danske, opskrifter er noget vage i det.
    Her har foråret budt på noget der minder om 20 grader idag, så det har været en "greyt" dag her. God aften til dig:-)
    Kh. Dorte

    1. Tak for det Dorte - du har jo så ret. Efter at have brugt engelske "romaner" er man blevet meget forkælet på en rigtig dejlig måde!!! Her har der også været over 20, men i morgen bliver det koldere...

  2. Jeg synes den ser veldig flott ut jeg!

    Ha en fin tirsdagskveld :)

  3. I like it too, but then again I do love greys. If it is the colour that bothers you, have you thought about dying it? It is probably the yarn deprivation that makes me a bit crazy, but wouldn't that have been a fun experiment - with something old and ugly that is:)

    1. Thank you Nina Lise. It is not the color but the shape that did not come out as in the pattern photo... But then again - I would love one in some fancy color!!! LOL!!

  4. Lone, this wasn't your fault, it was the patterns fault ;o) To me, it looks very pretty, but then, I am not a knitter ;o) Hugs ;o)

  5. Sorry you are disappointed with the way your purse turned out. I suggest that it is more the color...knit up and attache some colorful flowers or anything for an instant improvement.

    1. Debbie, that is actually a good idea. Thank you for posting that!!!

  6. I think it looks just great Lone and maybe you are not pleased with it because you compare it to what you saw, but to me, who has not seen what it is supposed to look like, it looks perfect!
    If you want it more quirky, add some lovely big button on it.. in funky colours? or black and white? or felted.. or... you know..

    1. Thank you Chris - polymer clay buttons should do it...LOL!!


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