Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I Won A Book Of Joy

I have been following the wonderful blog Mrs Moen by Nina Lise Moen for some time. And I am so amazed by her work in quilting. Her work is so personal. She just recently released her book "Gledesspredere" or spreaders of joy in english.

When she arranged a giveaway for her new book I hoped to win. And guess what - I did. I was so happy about it. I could not believe to be so lucky.

A little glimpse of the inside of the book.
When the book arrived I sat down immediately to read it. First of all Nina Lise had wrote a lovely personal comment in the book.

As I knew about her work I was sure this was going to be a special book.

But it is even more than that. I really can not imagine how it is possible to be so expressive with fabric and mixed media in quilting.

The book is filled with the most wonderful quilts. I feel I have entered a whole new world.

And for everyone of the 50 quilts there are a little personal story about how the idea came to Nina Lise. The colors, the motifs and layout is really lovely. And I realise that you can say anything with a quilt.

Thank you so much Nina Lise. I will treasure your book forever - it really is what it says: A book full of joy, hope and your love for the art you create. Congratulations on your book!!!!


  1. Thank you for all those kind words and you are most welcome:)

  2. Congratulations on winning that beautiful quilt book. I sure it will provide inspiration in you knitting and clay work, too!

  3. What a beautiful book! You lucky girl! I love quilts ;o)

  4. Looks wonderful! Quilts create the pictures for the story, eh? Great idea, must have been a lot of work.


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