Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Real One - And The Knitted One

The real bumblebee outside in the sun - and the knitted ones on their way to fly.
Buzzing around outside the bumblebee reminded me that I had some finishing to do. The two woollen bumblebees has been without wings and eyes for a very long time. And who can find honey just sitting still and doing nothing. Both people and bees need to get moving if we want to find some sweetness in life.

I have knitted bumblebees before but I wanted a couple a little smaller so I used a thin yarn and 2.5mm needles. This free pattern actually taught me to knit from english patterns a few years ago.

When they were knitted they ended up in that "I will do it later" queue.

In spite of only taking a few minutes I could not seem to get them ready to fly with wings and eyes.

The wings is some commercial lace. I did not like the wings in the pattern so much. The eyes are round 4mm glass beads.

As we have seen the sun for some hours - it is raining again - the bumblebees visit my lavender to get some honey.

And I manage to get a photo of one with its tongue into one of the very small flowers. And then it occurred to me that the two knitted ones should be finished.

So, here they are. I think they are a little cute and I actually like the small ones better than the ones I knitted before. I love bumblebees and the fact that they fly in spite of really not being aerodynamically designed for it. A huge inspiration: Go for what you want - even if people tell you otherwise. Go for the honey.

Hope Is The Only Bee That Makes Honey Without Flowers
Robert Ingersoll

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull
Needles: 2.5mm
Pattern: ChemKnits, free pattern
Other materials: Round glass beads 4mm, parts of lace
Ravelry link: Bumblebee


  1. Åh,de er nuttede, og jo en fin pointe du sender med dem. Det kunne være man skulle strikke sig et par stykker og hænge et sted hvor man så dem ofte.
    Vil du lige tænke dig, der har været en hel uge med rigtig sommer i Danmark, og den faldt der hvor jeg var på Rømø. Lidt heldig har man lov at være, ind i mellem:-)
    kh. Dorte

  2. Lone, these are really adorable. I kept looking at the wings & the shape of the head, and I think if they were brown....they could be moose! Of course they would need ears, legs, a tail, etc!

  3. De er da bare super søde,fin idè med vingerne,brumbasseb er sådan et godt forbillede-never give up,måske kan du ´flyve´,selvom det ser lidt håbløst ud

  4. these are wonderful! and i am glad you finished them... thanks also for the wonderful words today - i needed them badly...

  5. Lone, these are so precious! So beautiful! I love them!!!! Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Thank you all so very much!!!!!! It means the world to me!!

  7. Hælledussan! Så søte de hjemmestrikka humlene er! :-)

  8. Such cute bees! Glad they made it out of that to do later pile!

  9. Kjempesøte! Godt du likevel valgte å fullføre dem.


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