Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Daisies To Keep Me Warm

I just love daisies. And I ordered the pattern for my new mittens the instant I saw it on Ravelry. But it really took time to get started. I had to knit a latvian braid - and thought it would be hard to manage. I was so wrong. I found this excellent video and that made it so easy.

The second cuff will have my name on it.
Latvian braids are so lovely on knitted mittens and it was really about time to learn it. I love how it came out.

And I can not wait to get the mittens finished. These are my second pair ever knitted.

My first pair got so big that I had to felt them several times. They are still big.

So I decided to find myself some tiny needles to avoid those huge mittens.

I finally got hold of 1.75mm needles on 15cm. They are so lovely to knit mittens with.

So, this is almost like laying down in a meadow of daisies on a warm summers day. That is what my mittens reminds me of.

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower
Hans Christian Andersen
The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull, Pt2
Needle: 1.75mm
Pattern: Skåne
My Ravelry Page: Woollen Daisies
Green and orange for the duplicate stitches for the flowers.


  1. Å, så fine! Og latviske fletter er mye lettere enn det ser ut for :-)

  2. Dette blir flotte votter!
    Så morsomt med den latviske borden, det ble jo så dekorativt! Takk for tips og video-snutt! :-)

  3. every time I read your blog and watch your great knitting projects, I realise I absolutely have to learn knitting!!!!
    These mittens look fabulous

  4. I think this must be one of your favorite color combinations! They are going to turn out lovely! Your projects always inspire me!

  5. So, so pretty!!! Love everything you create my friend ;o)

  6. Fantastiski!Man pašai ļoti patīk latviešu cimdu raksti!

  7. I seem to be going in circles trying to find where I can purchase this pattern...can you provide a link?

    1. There is a link under Pattern in the blogpost. The mittens are called Skåne.


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