Thursday, 25 October 2012

Birds In The Hand

Is worth two in the bush. Well, there are few advantages about these beads. But they were once a bracelet that had never seen the day. 

When I made it I used some really terrible spacer beads and the bracelet just ended up at the bottom of a box.

Right now the birds has flown to keep warm during the winter. And I could really use some reminder about them coming back again. 

So I decided it was time to get those birds out and have a turn around my arm.

I picked out the spacer beads and added a few more beads - that also were just lying there. And it sort of worked.

The beads are made of polymer clay. I made a rainbow cane and added slices to logs of clay.

They were then shaped as birds. After curing in the oven the beads was sanded with six different sand papers and then polished by hand.

With all that work it is a pity to let the beads just lying there.

Anyway, it always seems like it takes a lot of time to get a little job done. I am not quite that happy about the birds.

There are something about the shape of them that does not work. The colors are fine and I actually think I am going to use it now. Who can go wrong with a bit of a rainbow around the arm?


  1. I hope you will wear your little birds, Lone... it would be wonderful to resurrect them in this way. They are so colourful and would add beautiful highlights to many outfits!

  2. Fint regnbuearmbånd Lone :)

    Hvis du skulle få lyst til å putte det ned i et skrin igjen, kan du jo vurdere å selge det i stedet! Jeg vet om noen som er interessert:)


  3. Nydelige farger og fugler til å bli glad av!
    Selger du noen av produktene dine på nett? Har prøvd å sjekke på flickr, men finner ikke helt ut av det!

    1. Tusen takk Britt. Jeg selger ikke på nettet desverre....

  4. I think the birds are cute Lone & I am glad you have restyled them into a bracelet that you will wear. If you have any more sitting around, they would make a cute matching necklace! Even one hanging as a focal.

    1. Thank you so much Debbie!! I have a few actually.... LOL!!

  5. Så søte de var da! Og farvene er så flotte også! Sjalet ditt i forrige innlegg ble kjempefint! Morsomt med striper :)

    Riktig god helg til deg!
    Klem fra nord :)

  6. Lone, I love your bracelet! It is so special! I agree with Deb! A necklace or one hanging as a pendant would be a great with the bracelet ;o)

  7. These are so cute! And a cheery addition to a winter outfit for a bit of sunshine and warmth.

  8. I love the shape of the birds : their natural appareance that allows everybody who sees them to find their own interpreation and state of mind... the rainbow colours are beautiful : bright colours in these darker autumn days!

  9. Fuglene er jo helt skjønne. De kan vel brukes til mer enn bare armbånd. Ser dem også for meg rundt en vase med herlige blomster? Kan også tenke meg at fuglene må gjøre seg som anheng i et kjede.

    Håper du uansett finner ut av det.


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