Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Last Time With Alpaca

Same sweater: The one of the left is not used - the one on the right has been used a little. Pattern: Skappelgenser.
I have given all my alpaca yarn to charity a while ago. In spite of the softness (and very high price), the yarn is simply not good enough for the garments I have tried knitting with it. First of all it gives so much that a sweater knitted in Tynn alpaca (norwegian alpaca yarn) ended about 40cm longer than it was coming off my needle. And it gets longer each time I use it. I knitted it on large needles, and thought that was the reason.

Previous photo of my scarf knitted in alpaca.
But a scarf knitted on 2mm needles has given about 30cm as well. In addition the pattern got distorted and the whole scarf ended loose and not very good looking anymore.

Quite annoying thinking of all the work and money going into it.

There have been no use in washing the garments - I tried that in hope of getting back to where the garment was before use.

And I must add - these garments are not that much used at all. No words about me having a lot to choose from... LOL!

And there is really something strange about alpaca yarn. After a while it is not that warm anymore. The fibers sort of collapses and loose its ability to give that warm feeling.

Alpaca yarn may be good for hats and other small garments. But I have switched to proper wool - it holds the shape, warmth and most of all it stays the same as when it comes off the knitting needles.

I have knitted a long sweater in half wool and half alpaca and it gives just a little. The wool helps the alpaca to keep in shape.

This is all based on my experience with alpaca yarn. I have tried different brands and it has all been the same. Too bad - the softness is just wonderful.

Anyone having the same problems with alpaca? Or having advice on what to do about it?
New and unused on the right - used and now about 30cm longer on the left.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How Is This Possible?

I know - norwegian patterns from large yarn companies can often be badly written. I should have thought about that before buying the pamphlet from Sandnes, Strikk og tov julen inn (knit and felt for christmas).

I instantly wanted to knit and felt the mice I saw from in pamphlet. Just a quick and easy knit. But that was before I bought the pattern. 

These are only notes really. The mice are knitted flat in five pieces. I was told to cast on and follow a diagram for the body as you can see a bit of on the photo. 

Photo from
One row in the diagram is two rows it said. Really? And the worst is yet to be told: After knitting half the body I am told to mirror the diagram.

How in the world can they tell someone to do that? I simply have no idea how to do that. Standing in front of a mirror knitting? And do the job for a designer? 

In addition there are no directions for the diagram - what method to use to increase and decrease if that is what I am suppose to do.

I  contacted Sandnes on Facebook and was told to email them. I did. No answer. After over a week I emailed again - this time I got an answer explaining the exact same thing as the pattern do. I was then told to go back to the store to get help. That would mean a two hours drive.

Where are the pride? How can a serious yarn company (selling tons of yarn) write something this bad?? I can not, and will not, spent time wondering how to knit this. Sandnes, please take your knitters seriously and write decent patterns!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fana For Fun

Traditional patterns are in right now. And the pattern Fana is certainly worth a try. I wanted a large jacket with Kauni rainbow as the pattern color.

I spent a lot of time finding the right color to go with it. It is no secret that gray, black and white was out of the question. I decided for at light blue color. Man, was that hard to find. I was all over the internet place - and consider myself so lucky to have found just what I was looking for.

In Sweden they have this wonderful wool yarn called Kampes.

Just in the right blue color and not all solid colored. I love heather yarn, and it gives life to a garment.

So, the body is finished. I use an old pattern for this.

I cast on 296 stitches and then decreased in the sides to get a better shape on the jacket.

All these patterns have shapes for men - with wide tops and smaller the lower you get. Not very flattering for us women.

I knit pattern on the inside edges that are sewn to the inside of the jacket. Just like I did with this cat jacket.

I love it when the jacket opens and that there are some nice pattern so see inside as well. I will show you that later.

Anyway, I have started on the sleeves now. I can not wait to wear this - hopefully soon...

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Kampes 2-trädig, Kauni effektgarn
Needles: 2.5mm
My Ravelry Page: Fana For Fun

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Out Of Hand

Supposed to be a match with the scarf....
Felting these mittens did not go well at all. It was out of my hands as I left the felting to my washer. Honestly - hand felting mittens is not an option. It would take years - or maybe hours... LOL!

Anyway, there are nothing more exciting than to felt garments in the washer. Mostly it has gone really well.

But Finull yarn can be tricky to felt and I have no idea why. Well, I washed them on 60C first. They fitted a dinosaur. Once more on 60C. They fitted a small horse.

And the worst of it was that the red yarn felted into the white.

The bright white stripes was history and I decided to at least felt them enough to use them for snow shuffling.

Before felting - huge mittens!
Even though I hope snow will be out of the question this winter. I think we got for two winters last year.

Washed them with other clothes on 40C. Finally done felting - they now fit my hands.

My intentions was to knit a pair of mittens that would match my scarf design Dot The I. I simply has to knit regular mittens that need no felting.

Felted mittens are simply so nice to wear. And even if they get wet they are still warm. At least that is what I tell myself.

The pattern is an old pamphlet that is so badly written that I have to find out what they mean. Thankfully I have used it before for my rainbow mittens so I knew what to do.

Oh yeah, some times things do not go as planned. So what!!!

Just because something doesn´t do what you planned it to do, doesn´t mean it´s useless
Thomas A Edison
Before and after three feltings in the washer.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wrapped In Glass

Gift wrapping is so much fun. At least if it does not have to go into the mail.

And I like to keep it out of the box. Well, this time inside a big jar. This is a gift for a special friend who love to preserve the fruit and berries we have available in Norway.

Extra yarn and label from it in a little bag.
She is also a skilled artist with a big heart for everyone else.

She gives so much - and this time it is finally me who gives her something unexpected.

I knitted this scarf long time ago and blogged about it then.

I have never used it - it is really not my color scheme although I like the colors and the yummy yarn.

I knitted it in double moss stitch and that made the yarn stand out. I think she will like it - at least I hope so.

The pattern is from the everlasting Baktus - one of my favorite patterns. You can read more about this project on my Ravelry page.

I found a big jar and added a chalk board sticker to it. Those are great for almost anything you like to label. In addition there are some extra yarn and the label from it.

I actually think I will use jars again for gift wrapping. With some paper around no one will guess what is inside.

Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it
Anais Nin

Friday, 1 November 2013

We Have A Winner

I am overwhelmed by all the kind words and that so many took part in my giveaway. I wish I had bracelets for each one of you!!!

But sadly I do not. So, I picked a winner amongst you: Annelies over at Vicarno´s mama. She lives in Belgium and is a crochet designer in many colors. She offers a lot of patterns for her creations and hop over for a visit and see her amazing work.

I printed out all the comments, cut them out and crumpled them. Shaking them well and then I picked one of the comments.

Congratulations Annelies!! Hope you will enjoy your bracelet - I can see that crochet scarf you would make to match :-)
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