Sunday, 26 October 2014

Color Craving Autumn

Days are getting darker and it seems like an eternity until spring is here again. I love bright warm days - so I could easily move to a warmer place from now until May. But there is this problem with the wool. When should I use it? And what should I knit? It sure is a good thing that I avoid those huge problems.... 

Anyway, I found the brightest colors of autumn some large needles and went for another mindless knit. Orange and red are wonderful colors together. 

I use Finull and Plum, my absolute favorite yarns. Those two together is like hot chocolate and freshly baked croissants.

From red to something dusty colored...
And I must add: Rauma has changed the color on their red Plum mohair yarn. 

And shame on them for making it dusty red - it is nearly not red anymore. 

The bright red I use is from a sale I came over. That bright red is just wonderful but nowhere to be found anymore. 

If anyone know of a bright red kid mohair yarn - please tell me about it. 

What I do not understand is that they have all those bright colors in Finull and have a lot of patterns with the combination of the two yarns - but no red color in Plum. Well well, no problems are too small to be made bigger... LOL!!

But, I think my shawl is going to be lovely. Still knitting on some gifts and all I need is those garter shawls for relaxing in between. While I watch the leaves fall from the tress in all those wonderful colors.
Knitting garter stitch and inreasing every other row until the whole shawl is finished. I use the Josephine pattern for it. 


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pink Mission Completed

Never ever underestimate the use of a new color, I said to myself. I could never wear pink, pink is for young people and pink is a matter of the 80s is just some of those stupid thoughts.

Well, I told them to move out and went for the pink. The very pink color.

Tassels with swarovski beads were added.
I am so pleased with my garter shawl. So nice to wear and so soft and warm. Just the perfect color for me. A totally mindless garter project.

Just casting on three stitches, increasing every other row on the one side, and then decreasing on every other row after half desired length. And it knits up fast too.

Well, since I totally love to have some accessories to go with my knitting I made a polymer clay bracelet in pink.

And I must admit - the boots came first. Pink boots are so fun - and the shawl and the bracelet is made for them...

I am already thinking of knitting a cardigan with some pink colors too. Where will this end?

Would there be more colors for me to examine and fine suitable for me? I will think so.

There are so many colors out there that will make us look fresh. Life is too short for the wrong colors.

The Stich Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull, Rauma Plum
Needle: 6mm
My Ravelry Page: Pink Sky
Pattern: My own - see above

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Winning Birds And Hearts

I am so lucky!! Two birds and a lot of hearts flew into my mail box and brought smiles and daylight into the beginning autumn.

I won two giveaways from bloggers that I have known in blog land for years. All the hearts are from Debbie over at Craftymoose Crafts. She is a master in beading flowers and creating all sorts of art in altered books, on playing cards and like the one I got, an AECO (art card editions and original). I love the colors and all the hearts. Thank you so much Debbie!!

And look at the crows and the colors with them. Stacy over at MagicLoveCrow paints crows also on ACEOs and a lot of other artist elements. This is a painting with frame and everything. I really love it. It has a tenderness and yet a very strong message. Thank you so much Stacy!!!

Isn't it just wonderful to get such gifts from artists in other countries? I just love the fact that in blog land there are no borders. And everyone has a voice in their creating. We are blessed!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Where Did That Come From?

There is nothing like cleaning out my studio and getting rid of all those "I will start a new hobby" things. They were piling up all over. In order to get good at a new hobby time must be spent. And even more things must be bought. 

I have enough with my knitting and polymer clay. I have finally decided to not start anything new and that is actually a relief.

That was sort of a long induction. Well, when you clean up and get everything out in the open there are always some surprises. 

Like the six ball of Mini Mochi yarn I found hidden. It is odd with yarn - it tend to hide all over the place and suddenly surface. 

Since I earlier saw Anne knitted with multi colored yarn and added some nice soft mohair to it, I saved the idea in my head. 

When I found that bag with the Mini Mochi I dug out some Plum mohair from the stash as well. And what a great idea. Mini Mochi found its match. I am knitting another mindless shawl and feel so good knowing that I am knitting from my stash. 

I cast on three stitches and increase one stitch on each side every other row until half done. Then I decrease one stitch every other row until there are three stitches left. Easy, mindless and I really love that there are no long bind off edge. They tend to be either too loose or too tight. 

Cleaning is just putting stuff in less obvious places

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Healthy Candy Floss

It contains a lot of fiber and should be the healthiest thing to not eat... Or something like that. Candy floss is totally sticky and yet so nice to get on your fingers, clothes and every thing else while eating it.

Anyway, this is not about sugar but something almost as sweet. For some time now I have been thinking about the color pink. And that should probably qualify to some condition that would make the medicine companies rich.

But I tend to make the yarn companies rich instead. This time the norwegian mill Rauma. I really love the fact that we have a proper norwegian yarn company supplying knitters with gorgeous colors and great quality (no, I am not sponsored).

So, since pink thoughts are somewhat annoying they have to be taken seriously. I found that wonderful magenta in my stash and went off to my local yarn store. Finding two pink fluffy skeins of mohair was just what I wanted for my intended color.

Since I am knitting baby gifts right now I needed something that would knit up fast, have a sort of new color to me and would keep me bright pink during winter. I cast on three stitches and increase one stitch every other row. Nothing to it, but this is soft, warm and pink. I must add that a pair of really pink Dr Martens boots will be added to this shawl. More about that later.

So many colors and still so much to learn about it. And still I find new ones that fit.

Never underestimate a color - it could be the one to make you look younger, fresh and spark your energy.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull, Rauma Plum knitted together
Needle: 6mm
My Ravelry Page: Pink Sky
Pattern: CO 3st, knit garter st, increase 1st every other row until half desired length, decrease 1st every other row until 3st left, BO