Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Climbing The Stitch Mountain

Clue one is the part before the brioche section. Clue two is the rest of the shawl.
I never give up anything. I like a good challenge as long as I do not have to climb Kilimanjaro. I mean, who need to climb that mountain if you have brioche stitch in knitting?

Well, I have always wanted to learn the brioche stitch. I even have a knitting book about it. But it has been collecting dust - and so has the wish about learning it.

Clue two: Brioche and slipped stich sections.
But then I joined Stephen Wests Mysterie Knit Along (MKAL) this fall.

And the surprise was rather breath taking when clue two was published friday: Knit a whole lot of brioche.

Thankfully he provide a video of the technique. He advised to do a swatch - but I would rather knit a scarf than a small swatch.

I just started knitting the brioche right on the shawl.

And it worked. I was so proud - I have learned a new technique. Although it felt like I knitted and knitted and never got anywhere.

So much knitting and so few centimeters in length. Clue two ended with a large slip stitch section.

I must say that there is a lot of knitting in this MKAL. Maybe a little too much. But hey, I am half way through it. And there are 371 stitches on my needle.

And since he calls this Exploration Station I must prepare to climb another mountain.

It seems like the shawl is a giant swatch in knitting techniques. So stay tuned - next clue are waited friday. Prepare the climbing gear...
This is what first clue looks like. See more in my blog post about Parrot Station.


  1. Beautiful! I'm hooked as well, it is impossible to gues what comes next. Looking forward to Friday.

    1. Thank you Ditte!!! Fun to see that you also har hooked on this!!! Where is this going??

  2. Wow, Lone, this looks really amazing! Congrats on your progress so far and learning a new stitch, too!

  3. Så herlige farger du har valgt til sjalet ditt! Men så mange masker, da.... Lykke til videre!

    1. Tusen takk Tori - ja, ille mange!!!! Men det går jo unna når man setter igang...

  4. Wow - it looks so complicated and elaborate - congratulations from Austria

  5. Nydelige regnbuefarger!
    Og det blir så flott!!!
    Jeg liker også å utfordre meg selv av og til, å lære nye teknikker. Har ikke hørt om Brioche- strikking før, men det ligner litt på noe jeg forsøkte meg på et kurs, da jeg sist var Fanø Strikkefestival. Det tok laaaang tid, og forvirret meg ganske mye til tider, men resultatet blir utrulig flott.
    Brioche er egentlig et fransk brød.
    Jeg tror sjalet ditt blir helt fantastisk til slutt.

    1. Tusen takk Sylvia. Det stemmer at det egentlig er et fransk brød. Litt morsomt - men det er jo fiber i begge... Tror det på norsk er patentstrikk, men jeg er ikke helt sikker.

  6. Så spennende dette blir, nydelig, Lone!

  7. Woooow - as always, you are soooooo brave when it comes to colours. Love it :-)))

    I don't like Brioche and have knit only 4 rows of Clue 2 so far. Have to catch up on clue 2 during the weekend because I don't want to loose track and clue 3 is already here.


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