Friday, 16 January 2015

Consider It A Basket Case

A basket case - with a lot of fiber content.
Surprise surprise!! The garter maniac is back with her fixation on rainbows. This rather sounds like some sort of illness. If knitting a lot of garter shawl is an illness, that is. A doctor would probably give me some pill - but I prefer fiber. It keeps the system going all year. And the brain. If the fiber comes in a woolly form I might add.

So what is this all about? It is about Kauni rainbow yarn and my beloved mohair. I do have other things on my needles. And a cardigan is about to be started. I have the yarn ready I just need to get a grip - around the needles.

Another garter shawl is about to get started. I love Kauni yarn and that rainbow they have is amazing. After all, I would not have knitted my wedding shawl in it if it wasn't...

I thought about using only one color mohair but that would have muted a lot of the colors. So I have this stash of mohair yarn and had a quick look. Only yellow was missing. That was no problem since my LYS had it.

So here we are. Rainbow it is. Garter it is.

 It's a good thing that when God created the rainbow he didn't consult a 
decorator or he would still be picking the colors
Sam Levenson
Kauni effektgarn EQ and various mohair yarn.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy Knit Year

I Wish You All A Very Happy New Year ❤️  

Think about it -  a new year and more time to shop for yarn, eat chocolate, drink coffee, knit, knit and knit. One should never underestimate those small things that clue everyday life together. However, I just have to take a glimpse back on 2014. Would you like to join? This is not all of my creating, only some highlights.

Shawl of the year
The photo says it all - to wear this, to see it finished and to know that I managed to knit such a large shawl was amazing. I was so happy - and it really is nice on cold days. I started a new large shawl and hope to finish it this year. Sort of. Maybe...

Debut of the year
When Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik asked me to put my colorful knitting on an exhibition I was so excited. It was a really huge thing for me to put a bit of myself out for everyone to see. And it went so well, and so many knitters took the time to visit the exhibition. The knitter Bodil Nilsen Hodne showed her large blankets in the most wonderful colors too. This was a vitamin boost at the end of winter. I can live on this forever.

Rainbow Of The Year
The yarn shop was closed and my urge to begin this Lifelines scarf was huge. I took out all my Rauma Finull and Pt2 and had to admit that a closed shop was just what I needed. I actually found the  30 colors needed for my scarf. If I had to buy one skein of each color it could be rather expensive... I loved knitting this so much - I learned a lot about colors and this has become one of my favorite scarves.

Cardigan Of The Year
Not a lot of clothes comes off my needles. Mostly because I never get satisfied with the fit. This Flea Jacket is too big, but a really nice wear. I use it a lot and I am very pleased with my colors. I have learned to knit top down from this pattern and the Angry Sheep pattern. I love to learn new techniques and finally there are some new trends in Norway. That makes knitting so much more satisfying and fun.

Again And Again Of The Year
Three of them. They are my goto pattern, my travel pattern, my mindless pattern and one of my tendency to repeat myself in a knit way pattern. Viajante is just too fun not to repeat. Two for myself and one for a friend. This is knitted in Holst supersoft and you can see the magenta one in Wollmeise in a previous post. Still a red one in Wollmeise on my needles...

And - Again And Again Garter Stitch
Ok, there has been some garter mania in 2014. What a joy to knit and with tassels and some nice crystals there are a bling to them. Great to wear and with my beloved mohair yarn paired with some wool this is just something I will be knitting this year as well...

Scarf Of The Year
From my own design Lifelines this scarf was great fun to knit. With matching mittens this is really rolling. And of course a polymer clay bracelet to go with it too. See more in this post.

Failure Of The Year
Only positive things about this is the color and the yarn. It fits so bad with really thight sleeves. Just hanging like a tent. No matter how I wear this it looks bad. Ugh!!

Polymer Clay Of The Year
I found a new shape in my work with polymer clay. These are nice gifts and just nice to make. They get personalized with words. I also made them tiny and used them as stitch markers

As for the statistics I have knitted 38km yarn divided on 27 projects in 2014. Oh dear!!!

Now, if you reached the end of this post you may need a cup of coffee and some chocolate. Thank you for your visit to my blog. That is after all what blogging is all about. Happy new year!!!
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