Thursday, 18 June 2015

Never Underestimate The Color Red

- Oh, I can never wear red. That is not a color for me. I would stand out too much.
That is beeing said all over the place. I have never understood why so many women think of red as an enemy in colors. Everybody looks faboulous in red - if you find the right scheme.

So, here I am. In bright red and thinking I really love wearing that color. It makes my face a little more colorful and take some years of me - or at least that is what I imagine. And guess what? In Norway that color is called christmas red. Also called color limitation in my world :-)

Green and turquoise are spit spliced into the sweater.
The sweater is the third in a row of three, so far. I have knitted a green and a teal one before and loved them. The design is simply perfect. A small upper body and enough room to eat as much chocolate as possible without any visible sign.

Simply Red is knitted in Rauma Finull with some stripes of green and turqoise spit spliced in. That makes the whole design a bit livelier and interesting.

It is knitted bottom up. I have some issues about the upper body because it seems to get a little too long. But then again, the photos of the design also have that. Anyway, I love wearing it. And in this really cold weather it is perfect. Seems like we are having a woolly summer - also called perfect for a knitter... Or not?

When in doubt, wear red
Bill Blass

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull
Needles: 2mm for rib, 2.5mm for body
Pattern: Mix No. 31 
My Ravelry Page: Simply Red
- My owner also wears red shoes. I wish I could wear shoes too...

Sunday, 7 June 2015

I Am Clasp Free

So much better with buttons. 
They look so nice when I stand still and stay that way. Since I find that hard, especially when the only purpose is to have a nice looking jacket, I found the pewter clasps so annoying that I had to remove them.
One front edge and the neck line was cut off and knitted again with button holes.
Now, this is the third time I knit edges for this jacket. After knitting, sewing and adding clasps the first time I realized that I had picked up too many stitches so it all had to come off. It worked fine knitting them again - and I was pleased with them.

Only to find that I never used my jacket. Cloak clasps looks so lovely but they never ever stay closed no matter how many times I squeeze them. I addition the jacket is not properly closed and the front bulge too. The front is still open and cold wind and weather blows right through it.

Clasps are out - buttons are in.
So, the only thing I could do was to cut the neckline and one edge off, again. I did actually think of a zipper that opens both ways.

But I do not sew well and I have seen a lot of knitted jackets with bulging zippers.

Sewing button holes with a sewing machine would be risky business.

It is important though, to consider solutions that demands the least of effort. LOL!

I must say that I had to use all I got to persuade myself to knit 11 button holes - on both sides of the edge.

Not fun at all. But now I can use my jacket and have the comfort buttons give. No draft, bulging or heavy clasps dangling when I move.

Sometimes it is best to take a step back, find a new solution, and just keep knitting. Or something like that.
My Gismo loves company outside.

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