Friday, 28 August 2015

A Sudden Woolly Overload

A start on a new jacket in spite of infomation overload and too much digital knitting going on...
You know when you have eaten too much. But in the digital world we eat and eat every day until we are so full of adds, facebook and all other things going on online, that we cannot breathe.

I suddenly hit that wall - the one that stop all creativity and urge to knit. It has never happened before. What was inspiration and learning in the beginning suddenly became too much.

Sweaters, socks, jackets and mittens just floaded my news update. I did not realize it until someone else said it - and I just found out that it was time for an autumn clean and to log off from that constant float of information and adds I simply can do without.

Colors for my jacket.
Do not get me wrong - sharing, learning and helping is some of the best things about internet.

Without it I would have been lost. But all good things can also be too much to digest...

Now, it has to be said that reading blogs are a joy. It has always been. It gives something, it adds something to internet that you cannot find anywhere else.

That is the creativity out there where you share who you are and what you do.

Well, enough of all that. My interest for knitting is not entirely gone.

I simply had to stop thinking of it as a production line, a way of being inthere with all the other knitters that knit 1.500 sweaters in two hours.

And all the knitting books that we are constantly reminded of to buy. Every single day. I have to get back to my basic joy and fun of knitting. Just keeping it simple and relaxing.

Right now I am knitting a gift, and have started on a jacket you see the beginning of in the photo. And of course my Viajante.

What do you do? How do you manage the balance between getting inspired and drown in information?

One of the effects of living with electrical information is that we live habitually in a state of information overload. There is always more than you can cope with. 
Marshall McLuhan  
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