Sunday, 22 November 2015

Never Say Never Again And Again

I always say never: I am never using alpaca again and end up knitting cowls in it because I finnally get the right color.

I am now saying: I am never using handpainted overpriced yarn again.

When I discovered handpainted yarn I was in overwhelmed. All those gorgeous colors I could create with. I bought too much of it at prices I would never pay today.

A variegated yarn together with an orange painted yarn.
Now this is my experience with most of it: The yarn pills after very little use due to the merino.

Some of it bleeds so much I have to wash it before knitting with it, which I find extremely annoying.

For cold climate I do not get the warmth I need from the garments. I have also seen some of it color fading when used. So I am never going to buy it again...

Anyway, when I buy overpriced yarn I think of it as very special and I need a special project for it.

Totally rubbish of course, but that is how it ends up in loads of stashed yarn.

I took most of it out yesterday and found my pattern Lifelines and now it is going to be a very long scarf. At least I can use it during spring and summer - and summer is short in Norway and the pilling will not be that bad...

I like the color schemes though. And I will enjoy that thinking that I got a lovely project from all that yarn.

If you beleive in yourself and never say never
you can achieve whatever

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Various skeins, odds and ends from handpainted merino yarn
Needles: 2mm
Pattern: Lifelines
My Ravelry Page: Life In Stash

Friday, 6 November 2015

How I Love It

The photo do not do the color justice. But it is gorgeous live. I promise :-)
The color turquoise is my absolute favorite color. That pacific turquoise blue that you almost never come over in yarn. I am not a fan of alpaca. I avoid it beacuse of very bad experience and that it does not keep me warm as wool does.

Sweater on my needles.
But never say never - when I saw that gorgeous turquoise I have been looking for for years, I was lost.

The yarn is fairly new with a little nylon and viscose in it. The tread is kind of a very small and loose i-cord.

The synthetic elements will make it keep a little memory so it just dont gets longer and longer in use.

Not easy to see that heather color in the photo but I promise you, it shines.

That gorgeous thing is going to be a cowl with a reversible cable on. The pattern is called Millwater.

Well, this is not the only turquoise knit I have going right now. I am in that "start a new project and then start another one" mood. So I have started on a sweater in turquoise.

That will also be the object of an experiment with stripes in the middle of it. Very excited about that.

So, turquoise it is. Just like the colors of the Pacific. Oh, I wish I was there right now. But soft wool is not that bad instead.

A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happines and good fortune
Arab proverb
One of my stitch markers makes the knitting more fun.

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