Friday, 25 December 2015

Gift Knits

I love giving handmade gifts. Wish I could manage to make more of them. This year I have given a cowl and a shawl away. 

The cowl is knitted in Pus alpaca. So soft and light and a dream to wear. 

The pattern is Millwater and I have of course knitted some of them. They are great gifts, easy to knit and still looks quite lovely.

The other gift is a shawl knitted in yarn from Holst: Supersoft and Titicana alpaca. 

I was really surprised how little yarn I used for the shawl. 80 grams of supersoft and about 60 grams of Titicana. 

The shawl is light and soft. I put it into a tote bag and it was a great success.

So, off eating chocolate and rest. Enjoy your christmas days where you are. 

Thank you so much for your christmas wishes in my last post. So nice of you!!


  1. Så flotte gaver! Fargeglade og gode!

  2. Så fine julegaver! Sjalet hadde en flott lillafarge :)

  3. Lekre og fargeglade gaver. Det er så kjekt å både gi og få håndlagde ting. Tiden strekker ofte ikke til.

  4. Så heldige mottakere av disse gavene er da :D
    Nydelige, begge to.
    God romjul! :-D

  5. Nydelige gaver i skjønne farger!
    Hjemmelaget er de aller beste gavene!!!
    Nå gleder jeg meg bare til et nytt år kan begynne, med blanke ark og fargestifter til!
    Iallefall ønsker jeg meg et nytt og fargerikt år.

  6. Awww, such precious gifts! They will be cherished! I have had too much chocolate! LOL! Big Hugs!

  7. I am sure the knitted gifts will be cherished and enjoyed for many years to come. I enjoyed way too many cookies! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Healthy New Year!


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