Sunday, 22 May 2016

Quick In A Hurry

I thought I had longer time. But then the little girl decided to come earlier. 

Extra yarn and a label.
This romper is called quick knit suit. And so it is. 

Really easy to knit and yet fun also, as there are things happening all the time. 

Increasing and decreasing a lot and the best thing: It is knitted in one piece apart from the stitches picked up for legs. 

I knitted this in Sandnes merino as called for in the pattern. I simply love to have knitted something that looks so cute, is a great gift and that is quick to knit. The pattern is easy to follow.

Going to give it away today with some other baby clothes. Bless you little girl :-)

The Stitch Story
Needles: 3.5mm
Yarn: Sandnes merino
Pattern: Quick Knit Suit, Kjappstrikka drakt
My Ravelry Page: Purple Blessing
Wrapped with a little angel for an angel just born.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Frog It And Start Another...

Frogging is no fun - but so are projects that will never be anything other than annoying..
After knitting almost half the body I totally lost interest in my project. I loved the sweater when I saw it and wanted a jacket instead. But the pattern was a disappointment. 

That 80s shaping Rauma still is doing, just kills a lot of their designs. You actually cast on stitches, knit the rib and then increase stitches. 

Rosendal, my new project will be a jacket from that pattern.
I started out trying to get the pattern to fit what I wanted. 

But after a lot of knitting and the realisation that a raglan and a yoke combined will make the whole finishing a disaster, I lost all interest. 

It has been lying around and I have been searching for a new project for those dashing colors.

I have always wanted to knit a jacket from the 90s again.

This time in colors that will suit me and do the pattern justice. Back then I chose the colors in the pattern. The shop had absolutely no knowledge of colors - nor dit I - so I went for the safe choice. The one that makes me look older, sick and grey. No more of those grey colors - life is too short for that.

Anyway, I am actually excited about a new project and that is a long time ago I was just that. I am determined to knit raglan and have no idea how I will do that. But I start knitting and that will sort out in the end. I hope!!!

One step back doesn´t mean you are defeated, it only means you´re 
going to take the same step forward again, but this time wiser
My old jacket from the 90s in terrible colors - at least to me they are :-)

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