Friday, 15 July 2016

Frogged And Overweight

What a ridiculous title for a blog post. This is not about me getting older, eating too much chocolate or not being able to knit.

Well, for knitters the word frogged is well known. For others this means that you give up on a knitting project for different reasons.

Bottled up for gifts or for me...
But this is about frogs. The silver ones made into stitch markers with a rather large belly.

What fun it is to make these and to add some color to them. I made 14 in bright neon colors and 10 in fake pearls.

I had to order more frogs. These are excellent gifts.

I found some great vials to put them in as wel. I love the fact that I can see through and that they make nice gift wraps. You always know where they are.

It is a nice thing that I already have all the tools needed for making them.

I had all the wires, crimps, beads and the pliers. Not to mention eBay for ordering more beads, frogs and what is fun to put on a stitch marker.

There may be a conciderable amount of them. But right now, I enjoy making them. What else is there in life? Oh, chocolate of course... LOL!!

Made me realise - if life gives you lemons you make stitch markers...

When life gives you lemons 
throw it back and ask for chocolate
The rainbow frog gang all together.


  1. De er nu kære, dine frøer. Tourmarkørerne er også fine. Sjove ting du hitter på.
    Hatten af for din opfindsomhed i alternative kreativiteter. Håber du snart er ovre forhindringerne.

    1. Tusind tak Anne. Godt man har fri fantasi😃 Ret sjovt at lave noget andet også.

  2. Du er kreativ! De var veldig fine :)

  3. Nej altså - hvor er de fine ☺ Du er virkelig en haj til at finde på og lege med farverne - det er en stor fornøjelse at kikke på dine billeder ☺

    1. Tusind tak Lene :-) Har jeg farver er der nok af motivation. Så er det så sjovt :-)

  4. Awww, they are so cute!! Love them!!! Keep eating chocolate Lone!! I truly pray you can get back to your knitting! Big Hugs!!

  5. Owww Lone, I absolutely love these! They will make knitting even more fun :-D

    1. Thank you so much Ellen - yes, when you see one of them on your needle you simply has to smile :-)


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