Thursday, 4 May 2017

I Really Love It

Sometimes there are color combinations that simply is better than best. These three darlings are that kind. One of them, if you see it in a yarn store, does not look good at all. I have never liked it actually.

But put together with a green and a magenta - it simply shines.

I have no idea what that color is called - it may be green. But it also looks a little green with turqouise.

Just like in life - you may feel like an outsider. But together with the right people you shine.

Never go for second best - always go for the colors you like in both knitting and life.

Enough of that. The scarf is knitted from my latest design Colorize.

It is of course my favorite yarn, Rauma finull again.

As long as there are over 100 colors to choose from I simply have enough to feed my inspiration.

Well, I have knitted four scarves from my pattern. I have knitted myself out of color combinations I would like to try out. At least for the time being. How can I go wrong with stripes, colors and rings?

It is better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction
Diane Grant

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