Monday 4 April 2022

I Can Or Cannot...

From tomatoes to birds. A napkin and a little patience and it is done.
That creative energy has to come out. First I found ideas on Pinterest and then I went for a dive into my craft supply. 

Milk carton and a napkin.
Although I have been cleaning it out for years - there are still a lot left. I think I just have been better in stacking... LOL!!
Those cans containing all sorts of food (and things called food...) is excellent to pour creativity into. 

Not mentioning that I already had the Mod Podge, napkins, scrap book paper and everything else I needed. I actually also made a vase from a milk carton. I found out that using a foam brush is so much better for decoupage than regular brush.

The only trouble was making lids for the tin cans. I actually did not have what it took - surprise... LOL! 

The one lid made was from very thick carton but it didn't end well. It was too hard to cut into and didn't get even. 

But a little paint and not puttin the reading glasses on made it look perfect... 

This is actually not about perfect either. It is all about finding joy in the little things. There are so many of them that the days are getting colored by them. 

From corn to a container with scrapbook paper and a somewhat almost nearly great lid.
I had a lot of fun making them. There is not a lot of knitting going on so the fact that there are something else to be creative about is such a blessing. 

Creativity is like a well never getting dried out. It is all about finding other things to do when the one thing you love is taken away. 

I thank the Lord for all His blessing every day. And as long there are creativity in my there will always be a way to use it. 
A rejoicing heart makes a praising tongue
Charles Spurgeon
Tin cans and scrap from a newspaper from Japan. Would be fun to know what is says...


  1. Nice make overs, the lid design is cute.
    Thank you for the tip using a foam brush for Mod Podge.

  2. So very beautiful-the words and the photos. Thank you for your prayers and your care. You are inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much dear Debra❣️ May you be blessed🙏

  3. Så fint å se at kreativiteten blomstrer og finner nye uttrykksformer! Dette ble jo så fint.

  4. Det er mye en kan resirkulere som varer i årevis! Samler på doruller som jeg skal så noen frø i 😊 Ha en fin ettermiddag! Hilsen Synnøve

  5. Tusen takk kjære Synnøve❣️ Det er jo så moro også. Håper du deler hvordan du sår frø i doruller - hadde vært gøy å se. Ha en fin ettermiddag du også❣️

  6. Oh you are so creative, these are all so good and I'm sure you had a lot of fun and enjoyment when making them.

    In these present times I think taking time to make a special moment and enjoy something we like to do is so important. That could be art, baking, sewing ... whatever we enjoy most.

    Happy April Wishes

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you so much dear Jan❣️Oh yes, it was so much fun. And as you cleverly says we need something that’s joy. Happy Easter 🐣🐇

  7. Du gjorde det fantastisk, kjære Lone. God idé... nå er det på tide å samle inn fint papir og servietter. Klem fra Viola

    1. Tusen takk fine Viola❣️ Det er så gøy å holde på med. Og de kan jo brukes som vaser og plantere til små planter og frø. Klem tilbake til deg❣️

  8. Replies
    1. Dear Debra, Thank you for your comment. I am fine - just not blogging that much anymore. Hope you are well and creating❤️ Hugs from Lone


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