Sunday, 28 February 2010

Colorful freedom

I can´t get enough colors. This polymer clay set with sterling silver is custom made for a person who loves rainbows and birds. So I was more than happy to make this. I also made a bracelet for fun.

The rainbow always fascinates me because it´s impossible to know exactly where it is and where it ends. And the colors are so bright and clear.

I´ve tried many times to make jewelry in less colors. But I get frustrated because the character doesn´t show that good. And I can´t find myself in them. So I´m just going to be a person who loves colors and can´t stop using them.
This reminds me how wonderful it is to be with people who dare being themselves. And feel happy about it. They make others feel safe, because you always know that they´re not telling lies about who they are.

So the word for you is: Don´t care what people think about you. You can never go wrong if you are honest about yourself. And if others can´t stand the colors: Ask them to wear sunclasses!


  1. I love your bright colours! Keep using them. If people don't like them they probably aren't people you want to hang around with, who can not like colour.

  2. I love your attitude and your lovely colors!!! Just keep on doing those gorgeous colorful creations cause they light up my face every time I see them!

  3. Thank you surfingcat!!

    Thank you feelingfimo!!! I´m so happy!!

  4. Your rainbow birds are wonderful and I suspect your client is very pleased. I LOVE your use of colour AND your use of words. Your work always seems to lift my spirits and make me smile. It's whimsical and fun, yet beautiful at the same time and it seems to reflect and express who you are.... someone BOTH unique and special who is not afraid to show their true colours to the world!

  5. Thank you ever so much for your nice a warming compliment! I´m so touched!!!


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