Thursday, 4 March 2010

RainbowMice for a fridge

These mice were made for some friends. I wanted to make a surprise and a smile in their life. So now these mice are living on eight different doors of fridges.

And the best of it is that I feel blessed who can say that I have friends to give a bit of myself to. Friends are in fact the family you choose for yourself.

You only need one good friend to not feel alone. A good friend means so much and is a precious gift.

If you have a good friend be thankful. If you don´t have any friends, wish for it. Everybody deserves to be loved.


  1. What lucky friends to have a coulourful mouse on their fridge that makes them smile every time they open the door!

  2. such a great post! I love the work and your comment!

  3. Thank you so much both of you!! I´m so happy for your comments!!

  4. You are an amazing,loving,giving,talented person and everyone who can call himself your friend is lucky! I am happy to know you, even if it is not in person, I can feel your bursting positive energy just by looking at your creations!

  5. Oh, dear. Thank you so much for your comment. You almost made me cry. I feel so happy to know you too. You give me hope and joy!!!!

  6. I agree lucky friends to have such lovely colourful mice living on their fridge. The must feel so happy every time they see them and are reminded of their good friend. I am inspired to make my friends a gift too


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