Sunday, 14 February 2010

Penguin - the color behind

I´ve always admired the penguins who lives under extreme conditions. They survive the winter in minus 60 C without food waiting for their female to get back from the sea. They can dive over 500 meters. And they are birds without ability to fly.

I made this one in the colors of the rainbow. A way to tell that there are so many excited angles to watch the penguin from. They are not only black and white. In fact, nobody are just what they look like.
I always try to think that when I meet a new person. Everyone has colors inside. It´s up to us to actually see them. And we should not be afraid to show our own true colors.

Noone should need to hide behind black and white. Everyone is unique and it would be endless boring if everyone looked, acted and where thinking the same.

This penguin is a symbol of the freedom to be one self. In colors!!


  1. I adore your true colors penguin! He is full of positive energy showing all the colors of his aura. He has a liberating and calming effect. I like the way you think and the way you create!!

  2. It is so lovely, Lone!!! I love everything about this pendant, rainbow skinner blend, antiquing! Very stylish!

  3. Thank you Alenka - that means a lot!!!

    Thank you Zuleykha - polymer clay makes the world a better place!!


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