Friday, 19 February 2010

Simply a purple heart

I enjoyed making these purple hearts. On the other side of the pendant the word Love is impressed. Stringed on nylon mesh this pendants has more life in it. I havn´t been making many hearts in my work with polymer clay. But hearts are universial. A symbol of the greatest thing one ever can experience: Love. If we haven´t had the ability to love, the world would be a very cold and dark place.

In Norway Valentines day is sort of a commercial stunt from abroad. Mainly made for businesses to make a profit. We don´t have the tradition of celebrating Valentine in Norway. But it´s here to stay, and there are in fact a great deal of people getting there head out of the door to buy hearts, teddybears, flowers and lovely cards for their loveones.

It´s sad that you need a reminder, because love shold be there every day. Not in things but in what we do and say. But it´s sometimes nice to have a reminder. Commercial or not.

After making these purple symbols I also made some in other colors. These also comes with matching earrings. I´m going to make more hearts in the time to come.

So let´s go changing someones life with just a little LOVE


  1. Oh, I love your work! You are so talented with the polymer clay. And it's great to "meet" you! I look forward to following your blog.
    ~Alisa R. :)

  2. Thank you so much Alisa!!! You made me happy with your kind words!!


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